Good Vibrations?

When you are focused on 'raising their vibration', what are you really trying to do? Why would you choose to do that rather than asking, out loud, "How can I help?" I ask this because the judgment behind someone's (or a situation's) 'vibration' not being what you think it should and attempts to manipulate it... Continue Reading →


Two nights ago, in dreamtime, someone demanded to know my relationship with the 'cornfield compound', somehow thinking that where I am and that relationship were somehow incongruous. My response then was, "It's complicated." My relationship with Navajoland began long before I can remember, long before this lifetime. I don't know the how of it all... Continue Reading →

Operation Lady Justice Isn’t

Forgive my cynicism but the notion that the United States (or any state’s) government can effectively intervene or investigate the causes and solutions for Missing and Murdered Indigenous women is utter horseshit and an exercise in hypocrisy. On November 26, President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order creating a White House task force on... Continue Reading →

Oh, Child.

Oh, Child. You are not just a child of God. You are the answer to aeons of prayer. You were made this way before breath brought you to life. Spider woman and thread weavers from realms you've not yet met answered the prayers of Ancients and made you. Your normal is not theirs Your normal... Continue Reading →

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