Who can keep a blazing fire tied in a cotton cloth?


12743798_1680719055542856_3348270319283314767_nMy intimate companion,

why not plunge into union

with the Great Goddess Kali?

Discover that your spiritual anxiety

to be without the slightest ground.


The obscure night of your religion quest is over

and the day of truth is dawning.

The sunlight of Mother Wisdom instantly pervades

the landscape of awareness,

for darkness is not a substance that offers resistance.

Precious Kai, you have risen as the morning sun,

opening the lotus center of my subtle perception

to your  naked, timeless radiance.


Proliferating systems of ritual and philosophy

attempt to throw dust into the eyes

of the eternal wisdom that abides in every soul.

How can any system transcend the play of relativity?


But when relative existence is revealed

as the country fair of Mother’s sheer delight,

there are no teachers and nothing to teach,

no students and nothing to learn.

The actors and their lines a simply expressions

of the Wisdom Goddess

who directs this entire drama.

Be confident that you will soon awaken fully

as the essence of her reality.


The courageous lover tastes the bliss of the Beloved

and enters the secret city of the Goddess,

passing beyond the threshold of ecstasy

into the open expanse of enlightenment.

Astonished by this sudden journey,

Mother’s poet now sings madly:

“My delusion is gone, gone, utterly gone!

Who can obscure truth?

Who can keep a blazing fire tied in a cotton cloth?”  ~ Ramprasad

The Soul of All




In truth, it is not for the love of a husband that your husband is dear; but for the love of the soul in the husband that the husband is dear.

It is not for the love of a wife that he wife is dear; but for the love of the soul in the wife that a wife is dear.

It is not for the love of children the children are dear; but for the love of the soul of the children the children are dear.

It is not for the love of riches that riches our dear; but for the love of the soul in riches that riches are dear.

It is not for the love of religion that religion is dear; but for the love of the soul in religion that religion is dear.

It is not for the love of power that power is dear; but for the love of the soul in power that power is dear.

It is not for the love of the heavens that the heavens are dear; but for the love of the soul in the heavens that the heavens are dear.

It is not for the love of the gods that the gods are dear; but for the love of the soul in the gods that the gods are dear.

It is not for the love of creatures that creatures are dear; but for the love of the soul in creatures that creatures are dear.

It is not for the love of all that the all is dear; but for the love of the soul and all that the all is dear.

It is the soul, the spirit, the self, that must be seen and be heard and have our thoughts and meditations, O Maitreyi. When the soul is seen and heard, it is thought upon and is known, then all that is becomes known.

Religion will abandon the man who thinks that religion is a part from the soul.

Power will abandon the man who thinks that power is a part from the soul.

The gods will abandon the man who thinks that the gods are apart from the soul.

Creatures will abandon the man  thinks that creatures are apart from the soul.

And all will abandon the man who thinks that all is apart from the soul. Because religion, power, heavens, beings, gods and all rest on the soul.

– from the Brihad-Aranyaka Upanishad.

On Hope and Harm


hopeA few days ago I posted this on the PlaceofFace:

Hope, faith, justice, freedom and love do not require the disparaging of or denial another.

In fact, they are the antithesis of it.

Can you be in hope, have faith, share justice and freedom and love without harming another?

The responses included:

  • Hard to say. If the other is forcefully obstructing those qualities , I dunno.
  • Sound[s] like unconditional love, it’s doable but….
  • Unconditional anything is unrealistic, and it could be destructive. There may always be a possible need for limits. We are humans (along with being something else in essence.

None of these responses answered the question:  Can you be in hope, have faith, share justice and freedom and love without harming another?

My curiosity was piqued because in the furious responses to our politics, I was taken aback by how horridly people speak of and to other people; degrade them as animals (while often in the same breath maligning other who use the same language), mock the results of their lack of access to information or choice to not engage in what others identity as The Way, and use twists of scripture to deny what is universal.   None of these things are new, I know. However, it seems that if we’re talking about a lack of unity while actively seeking to hurt others, we’re then talking out of both sides of our mouth and mimicking the one we deride.

Can you answer the question?  Then, if you can in the way I hope you do, are you willing to change your language to reflect the answer?






In the evening, the ground wraps herself around me, tucking me into

a partnered sleep

while I dream dreams and

work in the quiet background, underground.

No fuss, no muss, no standing on ceremony but

Silently weaving the way.

Sometimes, she pulls me into her

and sends me out through her

like aspen roots spreading across the lands.

The stillness masks the blood from the wounds of many,

sweat from the fevered hearts of most,

and tears for those who cannot shed their own.

When she asks me to bleed into her, I part my legs or

slice my body to reawaken the sleeping buffaloes and giants,

and warm temples of the mount and heart.

When she asks me to come into her core

and move with the fire


we dance a slow dirge

while rebirthing ancestors and ancients

through man and mud, stone and sweat, dust and ash.

We shake mountains and men,

ride the wind and

dance through water

bringing the holy from the depths–of heart, of hearth and mantle–

into the deepest love there is.


Three Years Ago I Made Myself Homeless


guideI chose to leave four walls behind three autumns ago because I knew I needed  to create the space to follow visions unencumbered. I spent tens of thousands of miles on the highways and not-exactly-byways of the US between October 2013 and October 2015 when exhaustion brought me to an ‘all-stop’. I was led by the call that came via telephone and through the gods and universe to people connected to ‘thisness‘, others who needed healing & reconnection to home, and sacred places around the country.

This autumn I make a similar choice. One that has been requested by many Old Ones whose insistence of my presence at a particular piece of land is unmistakable.  I’ve talked about my relationship with Nicholas Black Elk. It was just over a year ago when he made it clear I was needed at Standing Rock. Although I didn’t exactly ignore him, the context and contact for getting there were so far removed from my awareness that it didn’t make any sense to go.

Even last month when I arrived at #noDAPL, it still didn’t make sense. I’m not an activist and, even now, consider my relationship with water, the other elements, and elementals a unique and individual one. However, since I left, I’ve not been asked to return but it’s being demanded by that cross-cultural, cross-continental contingent that is my invisible entourage. An old heyoka said last week, “As all things, this must be done with haste for it is of the most importance” and the Old Ladies have rattled the windows once again so we pack the car to live in again and trust the call, the plea and the direction.

This October as I venture into the knowing that I don’t know much–except to where I’m beckoned–I open myself to the way and keep the promise given last year to my council of many: “I will never deny you again.”

“One Bad Dude”

I love you.



This is the piece I wrote for the Guardian on Terence Crutcher.

I have not been able to sleep since I learned about his shooting/murder. Sometimes I’ve just burst into tears, and I never met the man.

I’m just almost 40, a big guy, and Black. So maybe I have met him.

It was edited for length and content but I also wanted to share with you the original “Last Testament.” I want to assure you I don’t ascribe to respectability politics, however knowing the triggers the mainstream media uses to snare Black victims of police overreach often face, I included everything I knew that would go against the stereotypes that are often used to condemn Black men and women to death, to claim that our lives weren’t as worthy of saving…expressed clearly or covertly. Know that I love you sisters and brothers, and we must work together to…

View original post 301 more words

I Just Want to be Normal


That’s a common theme in conversation lately. Normal here, of course, is defined as ‘like everyone else’.

Well, sometimes we have to face that we aren’t like everyone else. Our experience of the world is beyond the boundaries of the norm, our language for it and how we identify ourselves in relation to it, evolves. Our former identities dissolve and, along with that process of growth and mergence with self and heavens, our ‘normal’ changes.

There is a time when we know, just know, that we must move past the normal of others into our own way of being; the way of being that is as easy as breathing.

It knows of no other way to be once we hit this space of self. The struggle to move into it is only arduous when we believe it serves us to remain as  we believe others need or want us to be. When we realize our stagnation is our own doing and that we’re the ones selling ourselves short, will we choose to heed how we must be and allow ourselves to be revealed.

It’s a simple choice to make, really, once you acknowledge that you need not suffer.  And, yes, we get to decide. We may even change our mind but once you begin the entry into the amazing, there’s no putting yourself or the Godstuff back into any box.

So, how’s that ‘trying to be normal’ working for you?

Is it time to redefine your ‘normal’?

“When a man journeys toward his destiny, often he is obliged to change paths. At other times, the forces around him are too powerful and he is compelled to lay aside his courage to yield.”  ~ Paulo Coelho