Wolf crawled into my skin Fur pushing through feathers "You're grounded," he said. Talons became claws and I howled. Horse took pity and snuffled to me, nose to nose until his sweet breath became mine and hooves let me fly again. Stone and stars, beacons Galaxies, guide Tethered to truth, We breathe fire And fly.


On the Sun and Stars and Knotted Hair

The sun called you daughter      long before you were first      touched by dawn. Trees bow before you more      deeply than they do the      wind. You steer made of the stars      and were born in answer      to a prayer. You belong. You gentle strength is forged      by the fire … Continue reading On the Sun and Stars and Knotted Hair


Bending, I bow my head And lay my hands upon Her hair, combing, and think How women do this for Each other. My daughter's hair Curls against the comb, Wet and fragrant--orange Parings. Her face, downcast, Is quiet for one so young. I take her place. Beneath My mother's have I feel The braids drawn … Continue reading Combing