My thoughts on the Health Care debate (or debacle?)

This might annoy some who keep asking me about my opinion on the current state of health care or, rather, the mess that does not resemble debate or discussion.   Generally I say, “I don’t know enough about either side so I can’t make an ‘educated’ opinion.”  And, generally, that’s the truth.  If I try to filter out the crap being flung from either side and dodge that that is being hit back by the proverbial fan, I still have no real, concrete facts and, so, can’t parse the potential consequences of the choices involved.

I don’t have health insurance.  Haven’t for about a year now.  I’d like insurance.  I’ve researched it.  A friend and insurance broker found me some fairly decent coverage this spring at about $200 per month.  Not a bad deal as far as insurance goes. I just had to choose between that $200 being spent on health insurance or, say, groceries.  I chose groceries because, well, a girl’s gotta eat.  Despite the fact I don’t have health insurance and would like it, I do not believe health care is a ‘right’.  I think I/we have some ‘rights’–certain ‘gifts’ due us because we were born and continue to draw breath.  Among those are my/our right to exist and breathe as I/we chose–to just BE who I AM/WE ARE; to choose whether I/we want to be happy or not; to explore my/our life’s path in my own fashion; and to not be assaulted (used widely here) by another. For me, this sum’s up ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’.  Additionally, I believe because I am endowed with those rights, I have an inherent responsibility to help others protect or gain those rights.

It’s just not my belief that I have a ‘right’ to health care–public or private.  As such, I don’t believe others have the responsibility to provide it for me.  Again, I believe it is a fantastic goal to aim for universal coverage.  I support it  to a large degree. However, I’m not going to participate in this back and forth thing now called dialogue that is destructive rather than constructive.

There you have it.

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