I am.

I wrote this over a year ago.  It was one of those unconscious, automatic writing things that ran through me.  It seems appropriate to post again in light of this weeks adventures.

Because She/TheAlmighty–however you choose to describe that ‘thing’ outside/within ourselves–works in magical and mysterious ways in my life:

I am creator and creation;

I am of passion, purpose and Grace;

I am truth, light, & compassion divined;

I am grace, hope, healer, & mover of light;

I am a shaper of mountains and mover of men;

I am blessed & Blessed.

I am Love.


I am continually awed by how the gifts given to me in many forms keep me in a state of bliss and move me into Grace. For that, I am endlessly grateful.

And, occasionally, damn-near giddy!

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