Global Connection Meditation

Here’s the dealio:  For the next 24 hours, I’m letting myself be a conduit of energy–the physical kind and the universal.  This isn’t ‘meditation’ in the sense that most know it.  I simply turn down the volume on most things and turn up another–Flame On takes on a real meaning.  Sure, I get quiet some to focus, particularly when people ask for assistance of some kind but, even then, my *quiet* isn’t always related to silence.

I dance in what appears like a combined voodoo priestess & white-girl-with-no- rhythm sort of way  (yeah-it *is* kinda funny), I walk, I sit on my favorite rock, I feel the earth move under my feet, I bowl w/ light, I’m in and out of a ‘normal’ state of consciousness, do yoga, move through other places and spaces, and, yes, when going for 24 hours, I nap when I need to.

What others feel when they participate is me (especially those who are already aware of me in the physical state), universal energies intensified around them, peaceful dream states, heightened physical and non-physical senses, power, grace, healing, and their own experience of God/the Divine/themselves.  Some don’t ‘experience’ anything but feel more connected to themselves and other.  That is the purpose.  This is a tangible, palpable way to feel all that is.  When doing this, my sole aim is to help others realize our connection and create way for them to feel that connection is maintained–no matter the situation, feelings, etc.  Sometimes it feels like a slow thrum of love and peace, sometimes like an energetic fire hose; personal earthquakes occur, awareness expands, and life keeps on keeping on!

While I have difficulty maintaining me ‘feel’ of the connection when reading extensive passages or having extended conversation, I am going to maintain contact electronically–off & on, of course–to answer questions anyone has, suggestions for music to move with for the next 24 hrs, and any special requests for healing.  What I don’t do is attempt to interefere w/ other systems in play (more on that later).

To participate you don’t need to do anything special-it ain’t complicated. Really.  Get quiet, connect to your breath (feel it consciously), breathe deeply and just *feel* with all of your senses. Some folks find it easier to look at my profile pic and connect to me that way.  That works, too.  As your day unfolds, hop in and out as you like; stay as long as you like.  I ask that those of you who have experiences related to the ‘meditation’ share with others in this forum.


Again, questions?  Just ask.  I’m asking that you pass this on to all of your FB connections–even if you perceive they aren’t interested or don’t ‘get it’. You’d be really, really surprised at what folks don’t tell you!


FLAME ON!! Twenty-four hours of serious Love Fest is under way in just a few.


Breathe, baby.  Breathe.

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