What if it really is “In Between the Stories”?

Inspired by Rumi, blog posts about hate, love and god; and 24 hours steeped in connection with all that is.

In Between Stories ~ Rumi 

Did you hear that?

It’s the man who was looking for treasure.

He wants me to finish his story.

You didn’t hear him?

Then, he must be inside me yelling, “Over Here! Come over here!”

Don’t think of him as a seeker, though.

Whatever he’s looking for, he is that himself.

How can a lover be anything other than the beloved?

Every second he’s bowing to the mirror.

If he could see for just a second one molecule

of what’s there without fantasizing about it,

he’d explode.

His imagination, and he himself,

Would vanish, with all his knowledge, obliterated

into a new birth, a perfectly clear view,

A voice that says, “I am God.”

That same voice that told angels to bow to Adam,

because they were identical to him.

It’s the voice that first said,

There is no reality but God.

There is only God. 

We humans have all sorts of habits.  Some we change.  We quit smoking.  Eat healthier, walk a little more, buy orange Christmas lights rather than white.  Our taste in music changes, our groups of friends wax and wane.  There are some things, though, we tend to hold on to for dear life.  As if they are our life.  Think about the current state of religious & political affairs to catch my drift.

There is another idea, a habit that many cling to that I want to ask about here.  Similar habits framed in a slightly different fashion, methinks. We seem to cling to the notion that there is something outside us that guides, chides, tests, taunts, aids, destroys, makes and takes.  We seem comfortable at some level, too, with using words like co-creator; phrases like Divinely-inspired. We’ll accept messages from aliens, atlanteans, metatron and michael but seem hard-pressed to consider that we are creator, we are inspired, we are our own messengers.

And, so I ask the following:

What if there is no other great orchestrator or observer?  What if there is no oversoul, higher guardian, a higher level of Godliness, an ascension to something, somewhere else? No intergalactic collective of whatever that we need to ask permission of?  Nothing or no one outside of us?

What if there is no one thing greater than each individual one of us?

What if we really hold onto the ideas and likenesses Christ, Mohammed, Abraham,  and other prophets because they chose to act as if they were God and we think we can’t or shouldn’t?

What if we really have all that power and grace?  What if we are that power and grace?

What if

We.  Are. God. ?

What if you are not an embodiment of something outside yourself?  What if you are not made in the image of something greater than you?

What if you knew you needn’t be saved or rescued?  What if you are that greatness you’ve imagined outside yourself?

What if, to know yourself & see yourself as god only took one breath? One thought? One experience?  Would you breathe and see?

Would you be able to look in the mirror and know? Would you be willing to know?

You. Are. God?

What if you saw in the mirror not just your face but all the grace, glory, peace, kindness, mercy, ferocity, love, compassion, strength, courage, and wisdom within you and all those you touch? And, those you will never know?

What if that one small thought led you to know every. single. living. thing as god as well?  Same as you but different?

Would you see your neighbor, lover, child;  prisoner, pensioner, plumber, trash collector, welfare recipient, jihadi, dog catcher and fighter as god?  Could you do that?  Could you hold them in the same regard as you do your heroes and other holy ones?  Excited for their life’s opportunities—the same as your own?

Would you do that?  Would you be willing to take that great leap in your own life to know yourself?

As. God.

Are you afraid of the greatness?  Of the responsibility for yourself? Others?  Are we afraid of that?  Are we afraid that it’s really not unknown to us?  That there is no real mystery or magic to it? That it’s really that simple?

What if we didn’t have to wait for anything?  What if each of us were already worthy and ready? Just as we are…


What if it took nothing else but to just Know?

What if we really are the bees knees, all that and a bag of chips?  What if we are just singularly pretty freakin’ awesome human beings?  What if we all knew that and lived as such, recognizing that divinity in each other and every single thing?

4 thoughts on “What if it really is “In Between the Stories”?

  1. What beautiful words. And yes, I do “know” this, but I don’t really “KNOW” it. What is stopping me from that ultimate letting go into the knowing? Wish I knew! Looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Check out ‘The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament’,
    Also known as the NTI
    http://www.forholyspirit.org/ for info, samples and links.
    The first few sections on Hebrews I read today talks EXACTLY on this theme – and much better than I could.
    Human thinking or thought based identity can never know or relate with anything real – and that is why even ideas of reality do not actually heal the split mind and its reflected experience unless they open Intuition – and thus shift identity from thought based definitions and experience, to Oneness that is Being all that You are – along with everything – always.

    To accept and allow this shift is exactly as indicated in the story of Jesus. Opening to the Intuitive knowing that is discerned in silence of one’s own thought or will – and trusting its guidance as true Will. This is where self seeking based on self concept cannot enter – for that must always seek outside itself – for if one looks within this only now experience, its nothingness is apparent and truth replaces illusion. But we are deeply habituated to love and protect our self concept – even when it distorts everything to create painful, conflicting and joyless experience.
    Waking up is not via getting a better or ultimate handle on life. It is from releasing the mind of control that allows Wholeness to restore true perspective. But seeing the mentality in act is the process of its undoing.
    In Peace


    1. Thanks, Brian! I’ll check out the link! I’ve always known that I’m not saying anything original. Why it comes out of this nifty package that is me is often lost on me. Maybe coming through me, others will connect to it in a way they’ve not before.

      Much love,

      1. I just felt the synchronicity was too great to not mention. Here’s the opening bit from NTI that I referred to:
        “By this time, you recognize that the Son of which I speak is you. There were no prophets or angels of heaven. There is only you, how you saw yourself, and how you are coming to see yourself now. It is as if you have been on an elevator ride, going up within the awareness of your Self. The elevator ride is only a rise in awareness . . . a rise in acceptance. That which you are, you have always been. There is no change within the oneness that is you. (V. 1 – 4).
        When has the Father ever indicated, for even a moment, that today you are different than you were yesterday? Never has the Father indicated this. You are the one who has said, “I am changing.” But this change you seem to experience is not a change in what you are at all. It is only a growing awareness of what has always been. You are awakening to the truth of what you are. (verse 5).
        You rise above your own thoughts . . . your misperceptions of yourself . . . and through awareness of what is true, and through awareness that the false was never true, you anoint yourself with the oil of your own joy. (V. 6 – 9).
        And now you see.
        All that you have known beyond the thoughts that cloud the mind is emerging as the truth you have always known.
        You are eternal.
        This personality is not you. This world is not you. Not even these interactions are able to define you as you. They are all temporal . . . an experience of the imagination of mind! They shall pass, and you shall still be you as you have always been and as you shall forever be.
        That recognition [within], which feels this truth . . .that is the edge of the awareness of you. It is there, in your awareness now. It has always been there, a part of your core knowledge. It has never doubted itself. It has always been the same.
        Rejoice! This knowledge, which you are aware of, is your Truth. This is the knowledge of you. (V. 10 – 12).
        Every step has been a stepping stone within awareness only. There is no change. You are eternally, lovingly and perfectly Whole as you are now. (V. 13, 14).”

        From ‘The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of the New Testament’,
        (NTI) Hebrews, Chapter 1

        Comment: The NTI offers a progressive, spiralling, ascending, opening into the nature of You.
        To suddenly open in the later stages might not serve as it would if the earlier stages have already been accepted.

        But as always, the approach of testing against one’s own thoughts, yields nothing but more thinking, whereas the release of thinking in an undefended trust in one’s own “Holy Spirit”, yields YOU – as you are currently willing and able to accept. There is no coercion in the Holy Spirit. (Which can also be seen as nothing other than Your Right Mind).

        The shift of awakening brings a growing naturalness of the I-thought being an expression of a Presence of Peace – instead of serving as a differentiated personality self in a world of differentiated personality selves.
        The Holy Spirit is bringing you to You as you freely desire. The more that we rewaken to joy the more light in which to recognize where our joy truly lies. And the less willing we are to abide in darkness and struggle.

        In Peace

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