An email opener

The following is an email I got last week from a stranger via FB:

Sick and tired of your whining and crying on Facebook. Who cares if you flew across the ocean and did’t get any business from it. You should of had the common sense not to do it in the first place. Get off your personal ego trip. You think you are a healer, but all you are is someone who thinks she can become rich and fameous off someone eles’s pain and despair. You are just another fly by night, who cares about no one but her self. I hope you went broke running all over the place. Who is paying for all these trips for you?

It was followed in rather short order by a distinct lack of appreciation for the public sharing of gratitude–something about ass-licking. No need to share that bit here but I will address the first bit.  There are a LOT of folks who are skeptics, who are cynical about the whole ‘healing’ business (I count myself among them!), feel left out and led on by fake fakirs, sham shamans, holistic hoaxes, modern MLM & snake-oil sales, etc and ad nauseam.

However, I can honestly say that I’m not a hoaxer or faker and there’s not a sham or scam involved.  Frankly, I’m too lazy to do all this work for something fake. I’d not go hungry for something that wasn’t real.  Although everyone experiences the energy differently so there will be different outcomes there is nothing fake about it. I only call myself ‘healer’ because that’s the only word that comes close to what I do and what others sort of ‘get’.

And, let me just say this out loud,  I am doing this for myself and others.  I must do and will continue to do it in whatever fashion I can for myself & those in need.  Let me also say that while I figure out how to reach the most people possible in my own fashion (I’ll be leaving the ‘product’ to hair stylists, MLM & ‘memberships’ to others, thanks),  I am ABSOLUTELY planning be financially comfortable–rich, even.  The notion that I (or anyone else) should play martyr, suffer, deny their value, and not be able to take care of themselves is bullshit. I want to have enough money to see as many people for free as need it, travel freely when I’m asked to (and when I want to!), and, get this–take care of myself.  I won’t keep justifying to people why I charge a fee by explaining how much free work I do.

And, damn skippy, I want to be seen and heard (I might not have much to say but that actually speaks volumes).  I want to be able to influence social justice issues that I am passionate about and I want to be a active voice that brings alternative healing  out of metaphysics and into the mainstream.  I’m not meant to merely be part of the herd and I’ve been in the back of it since birth.  No more.

And, yes thanks, I’m broke.  So what? I’ll keep pouring everything into this as long as I have the means to do it and will keep on keeping on until I’m not broke.   And, for the record these trips are paid for by registration fees, my own bank account, my neglected car, the donations I’ve received as well as in-kind from those who believe in the work I do and from those who don’t–they just do amazing things like open their doors, refrigerators and hearts to shelter me.

For every jackass that fakes healing or plays to the population’s lowest common denominators taking advantage of fear and lack, there are more of us who do good works, real work and live ‘authentically’ rather than selling others on how to do so.  I can only speak for myself here and state openly that because I want to be wealthy and influential does not mean I take advantage of anyone. I don’t and never will.    If you’ve been burned, I’m so sorry.  Don’t take it out on the rest of us.

7 thoughts on “An email opener

  1. Ingrid, there will ALWAYS be some hater out there to hate. We all know that if we buy their opinions that we in turn buy their lifestyles. What really appauls me though is that someone would email you from your friends list or page (meaning they’re your friend and/or met you some how) that kind of negativity/hate/judgment. I certainly hope that you’ve blocked them since receving the same.

    It certainly seems as of late that you have been defending yourself far too much when it comes to what you do and the difference that you make in other peoples/animals lives. I wish I’d of been able to write/comment before now about these recent posts/blogs/videos so I’m collectivly doing so now. Know this, I have often found in life that when the assaults come, that the victory is so super damn close, it’s right around the corner. That’s WHY they come. It’s the universe’s way of finding out how committed we really are to making it happen, whatever “it” is that we’re striving for.

    Putting yourself out there, being open, honest and free. That is truly living an authentic life. Yes, people are going to hate you for it. Why? Because they themselves do not have that kind of peace so they judge it. They resent it. It makes them feal uneasy. That is NOT YOUR battle to fight. It is theirs. Yours is simply to send them peace and love for the journey and to observe your own reactions to it.

    When we started hanging out and talking more you had the dreams you are living NOW. They might not be going at the rate or to the satisfaction of what would be comfortable or abundant at this point BUT they are IN FACT being lived. By simply focusing on what IS and what YOU WANT (like you already are) vs giving energy to what isn’t, the haters, the naysayers, cooks and dream killers, you are creating the very life which you desire to have. I’m proud of you for fighting. I’m proud of you for not giving up. It’s coming baby and it’s coming big time.

    What you have to offer, your gift, you are right, it is ALL OF HUMANITY’S gift and it should be shared. Always remember love, you can never say the wrong thing to the right person and you’ll never say the right thing to the wrong person.

    Lastly, I’m sorry I can’t create a way to market your services via a MLM system/way but frankly, what you have to offer can’t/isn’t that kind of service/product. I know that’s not what you meant for this post (your context of use) but you know me, I had to poke you on that one, being the queen MLMer that I am. 😛 ‘Cause trust me, I’ve thought about it. Te he!

    Love you, keep fighting the good fight!

    1. Thanks, bebe! And, you’re right, the MLM bit has to do w/ speerachul MLM (instant abundance & all that) strategically run through a real estate company that someone shared.

      And, the actual response to the young man who wrote me the note included, “So, what kind of help are you really looking for?”

      I love you! Thanks for all of your support!

  2. Ingrid I cannot wait to meet you in Austin next week. In response to the above, it made me think. I hope I taught my children(now grown in 20’s) to discern between the Fearful Haters and the True Lovers in their world. I used to tell them that I would not listen to any “tattle tales” unless something was on fire or someone was bleeding!! Of course one could debate whether my supreme wisdom was born from just being a tired old mother in a shoe or was I truly intending to impart a deeply valuable social/spiritual practice for them to discern in their lives who wanted to love/join/be creative from who wanted to hate/separate and their right to choose whether or not to participate.
    Later as they grew I changed the saying to, “You can’t hit a crazy ball back”. Admittedly, I sometimes have to say that to myself. I guess discernment is stopping to ask myself, “is this a crazy ball?, sure looks & smells like a crazy ball?” And the even more sobering question, “Did I just throw a crazy ball”? Thankfully, free will gives us the option to walk away, sometimes we get our buttons pushed anyway, so then we can chalk it up to practice, and perhaps the haters will learn to love, and stop throwing crazy balls.
    It sounds judgmental to call them “haters”, I guess I could call them the “nanny nanny boo booer’s”.
    I’ll tell you answer to the question raised in the first paragraph when I meet you at Casa De La Luz, May 11th. Hopefully my grown darlings will attend at your gracious invite. See you there.

  3. Wow. I was at a conference a month ago and one of the keynote speakers asked if we could stand up to the negativity as we could the praise. It gave me pause as I haven’t been attacked regarding my message/purpose. The fact that this person was obligated to turn so vehemently against you proves that you have hit a nerve. That much energy exertion had to be followed by a lull and we can only hope that by his tirade, he was somehow brought closer to a place of healing. You, without apology, must continue to be a light illuminating all the dark places in which some of us so obviously want to hide.

    1. Thank you, Emelia! Baby, I just keep on keeping on. Sometimes griping but always grateful and grace-filled!

  4. I was at a conference a month ago and one keynote speaker asked us if we could stand up to the negativity as we could the praise. It gave me pause as I haven’t been attacked regarding my message or purpose. In this situation, it is obvious that a nerve was hit by the amount of energy that was exerted by this person. We can only hope that in the lull following his tirade, this person was somehow brought closer to healing. Keep shining your light to illuminate those dark corners in which many of us want to hide.

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