Angels and I

A few weeks ago I asked Facebookers in my stream to toss out a few questions in an effort to find some writing inspiration.  At the time, I lost focus but remembered the essence of one question:  Do you communicate/work with angels?

In short, no.

Some of you may know that, for me, how I move through the universe or view those things in it isn’t based on archetypes, processes or ‘standard’ modes of operation.  For me its being in a constant flux and flow; moving and breathing in sync with all that’s around and within me.

In my experiences of the invisible energies that move around and through me all the time, there are no preconceived conditions, personalities,  expectations or humanized behaviors, attitudes or roles that have been associated with our created angels.  Some energies announce themselves by particular odors; some by touch, others by their presence alone.  Some I see, some I don’t.  I talk to them, I listen (sorta) and feel them when they touch me but, like my interactions with most humans, I don’t presuppose anything about them.

Some claim to see Archangel Michael around me, some have felt the energy of other Masters (their own teachers, etc) move into me or felt their own ‘wings grown’ when we’ve shared an ecstatic experience but, for me, the invisible is just that.  Nothing more, nothing less than ‘is’.

The angels in my life are two- and four-legged creatures of the solid, living & breathing persuasion. They are my guides, my grace, my friends and companions.

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