PTSD and me

I used to be plagued by the standard symptoms of PTSD for years.  Despite knowing what was going on with me–my background as treatment provider made it impossible to not know–I didn’t begin any kind of treatment until my early 30s.  I went to therapist after therapist looking for someone who would ‘fit’ me, ‘get’ me.   There was the therapist that used our sessions for her own therapy, the one who never looked at me, the one who couldn’t understand me, and on and on.  I finally gave medications–several of them–a try when stress as a probation officer, lack of sleep fueled the desire to pull the trigger of my P 226 and finally be done with it.

The meds made me fat while giving me the shits, created mental & emotional side effects worse than the ones that led me to them, and led me to taste metal again.

I finally walked away from the whole therapeutic system after yet another therapist, while looking at me, said, “I can’t decide if you are PTSD or Complex PTSD.”  She was identifying me as my illness and it really pissed me off.  So, I weaned myself off my meds and threw myself into my work.   For whatever reason (there were several including ultimately leaving the 80 hr a week job), all of my symptoms disappeared and I moved through it all with something resembling grace.

I get it–the way of living (if you can call it that) with such a debilitating illness, the frustrations found in standard treatment, the effects on others around us and the desire to die.

I can help.  I want to help.  The work I do works.  It doesn’t require belief, faith or trust.  It just requires you being willing to work with me.  For free.  You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Symptoms just vanish.  Entirely and life goes on.  Life becomes about REALLY living.  With joy, with peace, with sleep, with healthy relationships, appropriate responses to drama and trauma.  With ease and grace.

Just get to me.

3 thoughts on “PTSD and me

  1. YES!!! YES!!! If you suffer from PTSD RUN!!!! don’t walk to Ingrid. This wonderful Lady helped me realize that I too, had been suffering from PTSD for years. Her comments and experiences were very much identical to mine. Until I found Ingrid and started my sessions with her did I realize that I too was suffering from PTSD. Now I am so much recovering. My energy and creativity are at a all time high. Not every day is perfect, but am dealing with my issues much, much better. I am no longer a victim in this world, but a trail blazer, who is now after over a half centrury on the earth journey is finally living with the courage and vigor that I have never felt before. It was just having the courage and understanding of what was really the issue. I have the confidence and self esteem, I have never felt or experienced before. I am able to not care of what other people think of me , but what I think of myself is important, Ingrid is the person you need to teach you to move beyond the shadows. and into the Light of your own Being. I owe everything to this wonderful Lady.

  2. Hi Ingrid, Remember one of our sessions and I decided to pray that the souls of soldiers would provide peace and tranquility to the minds of those who have experienced war so that their minds would be more at piece? You were surprised that the table moved and you felt someone’s hand squeeze (comfort?) your hand? ….And now you are helping people with PTSD. Wow! I will pray for you and your effort. Pray that I get the negative feelings of a terrible divorce out of my mind. Thanks so much. Dan

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