Revealing, revolution and becoming everybody

I’ve been afraid to name & claim my own power while urging others to do the same.  In this video I share some ecstatic experiences that have led me to know who I am and why I’m here.  Reframing identity and what we think we  know of spirituality, universal laws, reincarnation, and faith. Accepting me–in my entirety–along with the responsibility that comes with it. Saying out loud those that are me.  When asked who he was, Krishnamurti said, “Nobody.”  I say I am everybody.

My name is Ingrid Oliphant. I am a unique healer living in Rappahannock County, VA. I use my gift to heal physical & emotional issues for people and animals.  In addition, those who experience the energy that moves through me have a spiritual or personal awakening that transforms their lives in magical way.  I post videos to answer questions others have of me or address my own issues as they arise.

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