An UnCommon Touch remote Healing Experience

I have never met or spoken to the woman who wrote this. We’ve only exchanged life stuff like mutual encouragement via Twitter. Last week I offered my help when I sensed she was ready for it.  Here is what she had to say (outside of a potential identifier that I’ve modified).

“Dear Ingrid, Thought I’d let you know what my experience was yesterday. It started about 5 til 4. Felt as if you were asking me if I was ready. I answered ‘yes ma’am’

I first felt a tingling in my fingers which got stronger as time went on and a feeling of warmth all over. Then I felt a sensation like you describe of levitation. I looked down at me laying on the bed! I wondered what I was doing above me. Then I found myself on a carpet of purple, black and white. On my left the carpet was partially wrapped on me I thought so I could feel more secure.

I felt the sensation of movement. Then it felt like we arrived at a place of my past. A former home I lived in when I was a girl. In the back yard was an old car I always had fun playing on and even the medium size dog we had there I called C or C. You were surprised at his name and I remember we communicated about the dog’s name, a current cat I call C and that a nickname I call my girl is . You told me that it was at that time in my past that I became ‘disengaged’. You weren’t sure how but that is when. I got a vision of myself playing ‘war’ there. I used to wrap long oblong leaves around rocks and throw them like grenades. ( too much news coverage of Vietnam I think! ) You told me I didn’t need to throw those anymore. There was no longer any need. Then ‘we’ moved on on the carpet again to a place in Michigan my Dad used to take me many summers. I was surprised we were there and I asked you why. You said because it had been a place I was happy. I remember looking around, taking in the scenery and feeling more relaxed and happy in that moment. After that I just felt sensations in my body that moved from one part of me to another. I ‘came back’. I looked at the clock it was 4:48 I felt lighter, less weighed down. I can’t say what all the effects were but just the sensation of being less weighed down felt so good.

Thank you again for sharing your gift.”

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