Q & A with a Mystical Healer chick

Cut and pasted from an email exchange this week:

Hi Ingrid!

Just wanted to drop you a line that I saw your ad in Pathways, went to your website, and watched a couple of videos, and liked your down-to-earth, non-mystical approach in general. Would you be kind enough to answer a couple of questions?

I’m an agnostic. Does one need faith in God or other spiritual entities to benefit from your healing power? In your own experience, do you see evidence of reincarnation?

Are there certain people who CANNOT be helped because of severe emotional/spiritual blockage? Sometimes I regard myself as such a person with an impenetrable shell.

My response:

First, one need not have any faith in any particular thing or belief in the work I do.  All one needs to do is be willing to be present.

There is no such thing as a ‘spiritual blockage’.  Nor is there, in my opinion, ever ‘such a severe emotional blockage’ that inhibits the healing process.  This isn’t like being emotionally unavailable in, say, an intimate relationship where you keep people away.   Again,  all one needs to do it’s be willing to be present in all their glorious fuckedupedness.  That alone is all that is necessary.  That said, the ‘blockage’ reason (excuse, perhaps?) is one of our brilliant stupid human tricks. It’s nothing more than a mind-game like procrastination.  So, my question to you would be something like:  “Whatcha really waiting for?”  or “Have you ever considered that there is actually nothing wrong with you, that you don’t need to be ‘healed’?” or “What’s this really about?”

Re: reincarnation–there are 7-7.5 billion experiences of living while alive in this form.  Some of those share some similarities. Seems to me that it works the same way while not in this form.   I haven’t experienced it and don’t think there is anything such as a universal file cabinet that another person can pull out to create a story for us.  I’m pretty darn sure we don’t ask to be born into situations that are harmful to learn something, etc.  I think humans have created all sorts of stories to help make them more comfortable about life as they know it and reincarnation is just that for most people.  Also, I think for many folks, it’s much easier to ‘get’ human evolution if framed in that way.  However, my view is based on my experiences of, for the lack of a better word here, souls moving into mine that totally reframed what I thought about reincarnation (that was related to eastern ways of thinking, the second coming, etc) and shattered any former notions of identity.  I have also worked with enough people of different backgrounds to know that if we take what we think we know, or want to believe, about such things out of a notion of linearity/karmic stuff and into something more expressive….well, the discussion gets a lot deeper.  🙂

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