Healer on the Highway

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Traveling Light, posted a few weeks ago, has now taken on a life of it’s own!

I have started an Indiegogo campaign to help me make this happen!  Part social experiment (moving paying it forward from fast-food lines to miracle-making, eh!) and all-encompassing healing, I embark on leg one this Sunday where I’ll travel to meet with people in Pennsylvania who happen to also be connected to the work I’ll be doing in Montana the month of February. Yes, I know.  Girl who doesn’t like cold is going to Montana.  In February.  Shitballs.

From the Indiegogo site:

What this is about:
The healing gift I have is meant to be shared.  With everyone.  My life, my existence, & the experience that people have through me, is a treasure, a distinct expression of the mystery.  This is a treasure to be shared widely & openly, not to be hidden or waiting to be found. I will go to where I am called and where I am asked to come.  So, I’m hitting the road.

Funding supporters will help me answer the call to serve others in the unique fashion I do.  My goal is to end the suffering of those in need–either physically, emotionally or spiritually, and to document these experiences.

In addition to bringing healing to others, this is about changing the dialogue about non-medical healing: moving it from myth & metaphysics, faith & spirit into a discussion about it’s reality, effectiveness and limitations. 

Why this is important:
Four years ago, I was blessed to become an amazing catalyst for profound change in people: I heal physical & emotional pain, dissolve disease and bring forth others’ unique gifts & an experience of awakening (defined however they choose).  I’ve decided that I need to bring myself to where those that need that kind of healing are rather than wait for people to find me.  This puts me on the road, bringing ‘Spanx for the Soul’, wherever it takes us, to whomever it takes us.

There are & have been others who do what I do. However, their work has been grounded in religious faith or metaphysical beliefs and they have had a variety of Church or other kinds of sponsorships & support.

I do not. I am not associated with any religion, faith or metaphysical belief system.  And none is needed for those who wish to have this transformational experience–it is as much for atheists and skeptics as it is for others!  My faith is ground in my knowing and my capacity to put one foot in front of the other while standing in love, grace & service for each of those who cross my path.

This healing gift is an expression of love that needs no condition, no prerequisite, no reason to exist, to be shared, to heal and permanently connect people with a sense of worthiness, wholeness, and health.  For a list of things that have been cured in people and animals, go here: Healing FAQs

And, on this trip, there will be no condition, no prerequisite of money.  Those who can pay, will be paying it forward so those who cannot will be allowed to share in this experience.

What I Need:
Any monies received will go directly to funding the Traveling Light tour.  In order of importance:
•   Getting car ready for the winter hinterland (travels begin in Montana, in
Februrary!):  4 new tires, tire chains and clutch inspection
•   An emergency car fund for repairs and gasoline (because you never know what
might happen 1000 miles from home!)
•   A more suitable replacement for my iMac (it’s dying a slow logic-board death
*and* takes up the entire front seat!)
•   Lodging (most of the time I will find a house sit or will be hosted but will
occasionally need my own space for a night or two)

Other Ways You Can Help
Ask me to come to you, your community center, church, yoga or dance studio; homeless shelter, rehab facility, detention center, or living room.

Ask me to share your experience of life as you know it.

Share this with everyone you know–without regard to what you think they’ll think about it–and those you find on indiegogo, too, that may need some assistance.

Gas cards, gift certificates for restaurants & hotels usually found on major highways, road-trip worthy tunes on CD (because out in the middle of nowhere = no good radio), joining the stream on FB and sharing goofy jokes….


Please consider donating and helping me help others.  If you cannot contribute financially, please share, share, share this in your electronic streams!


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