Is remote energetic work effective?

A few days ago, I received an email related to the upcoming Empowered Empath class.  Tanya asked, “I guess the only question I have is- whether the energy work is as effective over Skype as it is in person? Do you feel that it is?”

My response was this:  “Remote work is just as effective (if not more so in some cases) as in-person work.”  That said, when we do remote ‘energetic’ work, there is no technology involved.  I find the use of it when doing energetic work like a leash.  So we connect etherically and no one is tethered to phone, speakers, video, etc.”

When I do remote work, it’s just like being with someone physically and often they can feel me physically–hands on head or heart, rubbing their back, patting their head.  I use the same intensity of focus (often more because I, too, can get distracted when the client isn’t with me.   And I move.  A lot.  I often dance around in the same manner I do when bringing Love on Fire to folks.  It often resembles something akin to a head-bobbing, dervish-twirling, energy-conducting voodoo priestess.  So being tethered to a camera or computer really confines me.

Sometimes remote work really is more effective than in-person work.  Those that are afraid to be truly open–open-hearted, open-minded, open emotionally, wide-freaking-open when around people often can do so in the comfort of their own home and pajamas surrounded by their cats.

That said, I actually prefer hands-on work.  Because, for me, this work is about about relationship.  It may be only three hours at a shot but, for many, it’s the most intimate they’ve ever had.  For me, the magic that happens, the ‘real’ opening that occurs when my physical hand touches someone’s heart (or hips or knees or belly or feet or ears or head or back or…) cannot be duplicated remotely.

And, although people have tangible, worldview-shifting experiences remotely, in my opinion (based solely on what I’m told) they aren’t necessarily implemented in the same fashion (if at all) as if they are coached through interpretations, guided through their own messages and mental/bodily responses as can happen when we are face to face.

As far as I know people I’ve worked with remotely have had visitations of yours truly but haven’t had the transformative (if folks choose to transform with it, btw) physical & visual interactions with Jesus or Manasa or Running Rabbit or folks from their lineages.  I know they’ve (okay, only one person) experienced a string of multiple orgasms as a form of released sexual trauma for themselves and a string of matrilineal women.  But, since I’m not with them, I’m not sure if it’s a full-on-let’s-get-pentacostal-up-in-here bodily release of trauma or just a ‘regular ol” popping off of something specific.  I do know that knees & hips have no longer needed surgery, suicidality has vanished, shoulders can be used again, eyesight (and foresight) have improved, ulcers have healed, urinary tract infections disappeared, kidney stones & breast lumps have dissolved.

And, usually, when I work with people remotely, it’s easier for them to ditch their own responsibility, disengage from the work, and otherwise not follow through–particularly if the work is given for free.   When that happens I just wait for them to return.

Either way, remotely or within physical proximity here’s what this sometimes feels like.  Please give me and yourself the courtesy of closing other open tabs & windows, then connect to your breath and click play.


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