Not all Empaths are Empathetic, Some are just Ath-holes

Myth number one:  All psychic empaths are empathetic.

Notsomuch.  Being an empath simply means one can feel other energies–here we’re talking about those with emotions of others (though that is an incomplete definition).  Being empathetic is a state of active compassion, an identification with the feelings of others.  There are plenty of people who can sense energies but do not have the capacity to relate to another being at the level of being able to understand what another’s feelings mean to them (them being the other person) and share them.  Empaths can be narcissistic, manipulative, & have no idea or interest in another’s actual feelings.  Sometimes though it’s a little more simple and a lot less, well, mean. It can be the simple habit of assume-ing (remember ass-u-me?) that because we sense something possibly associated with someone else that it means to them what we think it should or actually does to us.

And, there are plenty of people who are empathetic but are not or would not identify as being an empath.

Which brings me to Myth number I, subsection (a):  Projection is not the gift of the empath.  Projection is another one of those whackadoo human traits (aka ‘stupid human tricks’) whereby we project onto others what we see (or want to see or choose not to) in ourselves.

The gift of the empath is simply this:  to feel other energies–as the other experiences them–that most cannot. The Empowered Empath feels those openly, honestly, always, with distinct clarity and knows what to do with that information instantaneously–even if it’s to do nothing. They know themselves well and understand that perception is neither knowing or understanding or feeling.




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