Empath’s Need Condoms and Seat Belts like Everyone Else

Myth:  Empaths must learn to be protected or shielded

Bullshit.  And, in fact, this is the single most dangerous way of thinking for any empath.  It is a mind-fuck that will, well, quickly fuck one up. ‘Protection’ is intentional blindness.

Energy moves.  It is not static.  What empaths feel is merely energy.  ‘Protections’, be they in the form of an eggshell, pretty bubbles, shields, walls, rainbows, or spirals of light are distractions that turn attention away from what can truly effect people physically, mentally and emotionally.  Making the choice to ‘protect’ oneself puts into place a series of events that can cause significant damage.  It is a conscious decision to ignore exactly what it is we need to pay attention to.  It is putting blinders on to intentionally avoid things we’ve only made up stories about and begins interactions from a place of fear.  Generally, it’s the fear of feeling and or expressing emotions.  When that attention is blocked, the energy is still moving.  Straight to you, around you, and given the opportunity, into you.  It is still effecting you.  And you’re not doing anything about it, you’re doing the opposite: ignoring it.

I know very few healthy empaths.  Their lists of ills include chronic fatigue syndrome, a variety of gastrointestinal issues that range from acid reflux to Chron’s, Aspergers, fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, ADD, gout, Lupus, MS and more.  Because they have not been paying attention to what is happening right in front of them, they head to a physician who will begin treating physical symptoms for which there is no organic source.

None of this comes from ‘absorbing’ others feelings and illnesses.  None of it. Yes, we feel–sometimes issues within another’s body–but we don’t develop illness, mental or physical, from another’s energy.  Germs, yes.  Energy, no.

We begin to exhibit physical & mental illness symptoms when energies that are flowing into and around us, seeking attention, are ignored. When we have either chosen intentional blindness or have no awareness of what is occurring, all of our systems are still being effected.  The body & brain don’t know what to do with the information, because this is TMI on an entirely different level. I often describe the phenomenon as having ‘your finger plugged into a light socket for decades without knowing/paying attention to it’.  We’re good at telling kids not to put their fingers (and forks and bobby pins and Barbie hair–oh, yes I did!) into electrical outlets because we know the potential outcome.  But we tend to not consider how energy effects us otherwise–unless the kids miss their nap–and don’t know the potential outcome!

Everyone reading this has either said or heard said to them, “They/she/he just sucks me dry!” and you’ve read about energy vampires but that’s where our understanding of our dance with energy seems to end.  There is no such thing as an ‘energy vampire’.  That’s a crap way of not actually saying out loud and honestly, “I can’t pay attention to them/her/him any longer” or “I’m tired of spinning my wheels with this person who won’t change despite their griping.”  No one else is sucking you dry.  You are expending (or attempting to avoid the same) your time, mental capacity, and emotional energy (or, rather, withholding them so you don’t have to be honest) in a situation or with a person who you don’t want to.  Period.

When we don’t acknowledge energies around us–our own, another person’s, technological, electrical–our body begins to speak for those energies.  If we not paying attention, it’ll make us do so.  Let’s take music.  What happens to your body if music in the background when you’re focused on a task at hand?  Even when we’re not paying attention to it, our body responds.  We sway, tap, nod, bop, hum.  Whether we’re aware of it in the moment or not.

What happens when we don’t address energies related to ourowndamnself?  What does your body do?  It responds, right?

The same thing is happening with emotional energies.  There is one critical difference.  We don’t move through life with ‘protections’ from music, though, do we? But, with our own and others’ emotions?  Yoooouuubetcha.  Pretty daft for such a smart species, eh?

There used to be a time when we did need to discuss gifts such as these in terms of protection.  We needed to be protected, not from the feelings themselves but from sharing what we were feeling.   Doing so put our lives in danger.  It led to gallows, pyres & drowning.  That’s not the case now, at least in our culture.

My premise is simple.  We are meant to feel and to express emotions & other energy, be it our own or, as empaths, of others.  The experience of being an empath is as simple as breathing when you step away from the stories and retrain the brain.

We can do this just as easily as we breathe.  It only takes a little bit of work to get yourself to the place where you can move through all energies in the same way you move through air; without a sense of permeability, ease, and grace.  There’s no attachment and the only judgment involved is related to the choice to engage.

There are a few brilliant tools we’ve got that make life as an empath a breeze.  ‘Protection’ isn’t one of them.




5 thoughts on “Empath’s Need Condoms and Seat Belts like Everyone Else

  1. Thank you for the wisdom about NOT shielding oneself as an empath.It can be an exhausting gift! I feel that our Creator gave it to those beings that could be trusted to use it wisely even before the time of the internet!To block out energies where a call to service is recieved can be viewed as blocking the will of our Creator.Was researching online articles concerning self protection for empaths.What a relief to realize that just maintaining a decent outlook and lifestyle will help!Thankful to be blessed with an upbeat nature and a whacky sense of humor!The only change I intend to make henceforth is to pray that no harm will come while trying to assist another, cannot seem to help it!.Will let it be,free to go where it leads ,trusting that the Universe has my back!!!Again,thank you!

  2. Thank you for this. It really helped me settle up a past mental hangup.

    A year or so ago I allowed myself to enter a mindset of shielding and crafting the illusion of a wall of separation. It was potentially one of the most introspective blunders I felt. If anything, it is a way to find a lonely exsistance. Distracted from a focus to maintain a wall or reason to push someone away for being a human, one can find a magnitude of directions to go from there. Either you can find yourself in this isolation you’ve subconsciously created (yes, you created.) or lose foothold/allow it to seep deeper into your being.

    I tried to maintain my ‘boundaries’ and eventually fell into a depressive state. I took my time and found myself to emerge understanding that energy is meant to flow. It is not meant to be controlled (in this situation), it is here to be felt.

    In summary: You don’t need a reason to not be a fucking kind and humble human being. People are caught up in their own reality and you know this. Take it as it is and mingle on. YOU are creating the ‘energy vampire’ relationship, maintaining and feeding it for some reason only you’ll understand. Asshole.

  3. I’m curious…Are you saying that when we feel overloaded by a person, it’s our job to cut them off/out, whatever the case may be? Cause if so, I get that…Or are you saying that they are put there for a reason, and we are supposed to be patent through what seems like emotional overload every time we engage them, and learn something? Because if it’s the second, I can only imagine that the first is what we’re supposed to learn.

  4. Although this is part of a larger discussion, the short answer to the first question is: yep. We’re the ones responsible, not them. There is one very, very simple question that can ‘short-circuit’ that ‘overload’. “Is it Mine?” And what happens when we ask that question is genius because our systems’ responses to that energy exchange immediately change. One possible response is ‘yep, toots, it’s all yours!’ which brings a whole different series of questions because then we’re left to deal with our own stuff. yay. ‘No’ responses tend to fall into two categories. In the first, all sensory response to the person/other energy vanishes. Entirely. All systems recognize ‘ain’t our circus’. And, sometimes, *especially* when our empathic nature is accompanied by another kind of gift, we are there to serve.

    Learning to navigate this empath thing is as much about self-inquiry and retraining the body-brain complex as it is in connecting it to other magics!

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