On Empaths Absorbing Other’s Emotions

Myth:  Empaths take on other people’s emotions and illnesses

Truth:  Empaths do not absorb other people’s shit.  We feel it.  Period.   The emotions of others aren’t contagious.  Any ‘taking on’ of has little to do with having a psychic gift and everything to do with being otherwise human.   There are plenty of people who choose to take on the Atlean task of holding the world on their shoulders who are not empaths.  And there are those who can’t bring themselves to empathize with another while wanting to appear burdened by others shit–projects, problems, whatever.  And, while there are plenty of bacteria & pesky viruses that are contagious, an empath is not going to develop cancer or IBS or mental illness by coming into contact with someone who does experience these things.  You need to worry more about the cook who doesn’t wash his hands than other people’s emotions.

Any attachments to what we feel from others are directly connected to mental & emotional processes fully connected to our own needs and desires.  Our need for inclusion, desire to help, thinking we should do something.  Our need for our own release, a desire for usefulness.  Our need to understand our ownfineselves, our desire to identify other as self. It’s a human condition that has little to do with psychic gifts.  We have the habit of making this kind of thing, well, habit.  Sisyphian, even.

That doesn’t mean, though, we aren’t impacted by the energy of others.  Not at all.  First, there’s the distinct feeling–be it an emotion or illness that we can judge how to deal with.  Second, there’s the intentional ignorance of those things.  That‘s what buggers us.  And,  that kids, is connected to the myths of empaths needing to protect themselves & to be grounded.  Those are next in this series.


2 thoughts on “On Empaths Absorbing Other’s Emotions

  1. In other words, are you saying that the only impact that other people’s energies have on us is the fear we create by ignoring them? Or by going blind and letting them into us?

    Is there otherwise any reality to negative energies effecting us in subtle ways, like gangster rap music playing in the background, or living with people who seem negative? Is there any benefit of choosing a loving, supportive environment and friends that have positive, loving qualities?

    Just wanting to understand more deeply the message here.

    1. There’s a world of difference between ‘being impacted by’ and the myth of empaths ‘absorbing’. (And, I’m not so sure you’re speaking in terms of the psychic gift here.) Of course we’re effected-we feel it. That’s the whole point of the gift–for us and for others–but it stops there. The rest, the attachment & action, is our responsibility. We don’t have to be negatively effected at all. That’s my point. That feeling of being burdened by other people & their stuff? We’re entirely in control of that. Like your music example. If you don’t like the rap, change the station or roll up your window. If you’re unaware that rap is playing in the background? You’re not ‘absorbing’ the negativity of the rap. There isn’t anything inherently negative about it but the incessant hook, foul language, and misogynistic messages may come to your awareness. Then, what do you do? If you’re not aware of it, what happens? Do you somehow become a foul-mouthed, mysogynist? Your head bops, you hum along with the hook, tap your foot until something brings the awareness.

      All of this is about awareness & choices about attachments. The awareness of our relationship to energies around us.

      Of course there’s a benefit to choosing a loving, supportive environment. Why would you choose anything else? That choice, the one to feel connected in a loving, supportive manner has nothing to do with being a psychic empath but has everything to do with having a basic human need met. And, it too, is about awareness & attachments.

      So, no, I’m not saying ‘the only impact other peoples’s energies have on us is the fear we create by ignoring them’. I’m saying that we’re a) unnecessarily afraid of feeling, b) other people’s energies are theirs, not ours, c) we have control of how we are effected, and d) need to take responsibility for both to change.

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