Q & A of the day: One of a Two-fer

One of the deepest longings of the human soul is to be seen.

~John O’Donohue

First question:  Why do ‘they’ need to connect?

In the response to this question, I’m going to define ‘they’ as a broad group of apparently human-like invisible visitors. I’m also going to remind readers that this response is grounded in my own experience of and relationship with things of the invisible persuasion.

In my experience, ‘they’–however one chooses to define ‘they’–connect because they need or desire connection. That connection can be for any number of reasons. Loved ones who visit me when I’m with a client want their family members to know they are loved, to apologize for past behaviors, or to observe the growth of whoever the client may be. Sometimes, their spirit will move into me to make physical contact with their loved one. Mothers sometimes just want to hug their daughters again. Grandmothers bringing the remnants of old-school hairspray just want their egoni to know in words they couldn’t say before “I love you”.

Recently murdered police officers have visited to process their death before moving on. Disembodied beings of color have lighted up a midnight dark room. Former breathing medicine men appear in visions to let me know I’m safe or to shove me in the direction of the Rocky Mountains. In times of deep despair, an invisible hand has my face in his palm and let me lean in and sob my broken heart away. When loneliness and lostness take me to that place, the bed will sink and someone will sit down next to me and stroke my hair or curl up behind me reminding me I’m never as alone as I think I am.

Messages will move into me offering guidance and warnings come from a variety of ‘them’. And ‘them’ speaks from within and through the wind as moves as both the loving touch and invisible eye-roll.

This dance I do with them, the invisibles in my universe, is a symbiotic one in which I freely give to them as I do others what they need: succor, attention, relief, release, and recognition. In return, they do the same for me. Some are distinquished visitors, some regular partners, and others curious drop-ins.

All of the above leads to question number two.

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