Lenten Season assistance

lent special

For many, the 40 days leading to Easter have long been set aside for fasting, prayer, atonement and self-denial. These tools that have been used to remind believers of the power of repentance, to help create a reminder of the suffering of Jesus and, through, that a greater understanding of the sacrifice he made for others.

There are other aspects of this extended ritual that include the veiling or hiding of statuary and adornment of crucifixes as a symbol of mourning and so as not to distract believers with beauty. Then, on Easter Sunday, purple and black are replaced by white to symbolize the resurrection.

From my heart’s perspective, Lent is not just for the religious. It is period of collective intention. Though the religious ritual is focused on moving participants past selfishness and sin for purification to connect with Jesus’ suffering, I believe the collective intention can and must be broadened to include a focus on ourselves to end our that suffering of our own. To create opportunity for spiritual growth and healing to occur; create a dedicated time for changing our patterned behaviors; and an allowance for forgiving ourselves so that we, too, may feel resurrected and safely held in the arms of love as we freefall into newness, unveiled.

To that end, between now and April 2, I’m doing the work for 50% off (with the exception of active & veteran military service personnel–that work will always be free). The limitations include: only one session per day, payment must be made in full at the time of booking. What this means is that there are 40 opportunities for a full 3-hour session for $150, not $300; plus the phone and e-support you need during the full 40 days.

The time is now. Your time is now.

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