Culture Clashing

The familiar life horizon has been outgrown; the concepts, ideals, and emotional patterns no longer fit; the time for the passing of a threshold is at hand. – Joseph Campbell

A personal experience connected to the universal one of desire for community, the dangers of secrets, and bridging the past and present with something resembling grace.

One thought on “Culture Clashing

  1. There’s a whole lot to unpack here, Ingrid, or there seems to be to my Friday evening brain 🙂 I’ll try to state what I think you’re saying, in my own words. Is a part of this that that there are some culturally taboo areas which never get addressed, and this failure to address is choking the life out of the very cultures which seek to protect themselves with said taboos? I’d like to understand this better. As ever, thanks for all that you are and seek to do in the world.

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