In The Waves and Underneath

Inspired by ocean-walking dreams, of the surface of the waves and the surface of the bottom; watching dolphins and seals yesterday, I couldn’t think of a better time to share this.


A man is wandering the marketplace at noon with a candle

in his hand, totally ecstatic.
“Hey,” calls the shopkeeper, “is this a joke? Who are you

looking for?”  “Someone breathing
Huuu, the divine breath.”
“Well, there are plenty of those to choose from.”

“But I want one who
can be in anger and desire and still a true human being

in the same moment.”  “A rare thing!
But maybe you’re searching among branches for what

appears only in the roots.”  There is
a river that turns these millstongs. Human will is an illusion.

Those who are proud
of the deciding and carrying out decisions are the rawest of

the raw! Watch
the thought-kettles boiling, then look down at the first.

God said to Job, “ You value
your patience well. Consider now that I gave you that

patience.” Don’t be absorbed
with the waterwheel’s motion. Turn your head and gaze

at the river.  You say, “But,
I’m looking there already.”  There are several signs in eyes

that see all the way to
the ocean. Bewilderment is one. Those who study the foam and

flotsam near the edge
have purposes, and they’ll explain them at length. Those who

look out to the sea become the sea,
and they can’t speak about that. On the beach there’s

desire-singing and rage-ranting,
the elaborate language-dance of personality, but in the waves

and underneath there’s no

volition, no hypocrisy, just love forming and unfolding.   ~Rumi




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