Heavens Below


The heavenly aren’t confined to the stars.

We forget, even in our ideals of One, the

glory of the mud to build our lives;

light brought by the muck


power of the magma

to move mountains and men.


One thought on “Heavens Below

  1. Hi Ingrid. It’s been a while since we communicated last. You asked me to look into the mirror into my eyes for 15 minutes saying that “I am God”. You were right. My soul is a part of God. Recently, while talking to a person I blurted out “YOU ARE GOD” while pointing directly at her. It surprised both of us and then I realized that yes we are GOD! That we have a soul and it is God. That our soul has total authority and domain. I was also told on another occasion that the channel between our gut feeling (intuitive brain) and heart needs to be widened. That we need to communicate more with our soul/heart…..to create love. I love you Dan

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