The Gila River Monster, the Cowesses council member, the Wich-itan and the $50,000 Bullet

Three men representing three Nations across two countries.

Gentlemen, did you really think you were operating unseen? Did you think those you claim to revere in public would approve of your behavior in private? Did you really think you could weaponize the medicine to protect yourselves, your ‘product’, and it’s flow?  Did it not occur to you that those you claim to revere in ceremony, where breathing eyes can see you (and also praise you all the way into revered and public office), also see what you do beyond full view? Do you not understand those masks are transparent to Them?  Have you somehow deluded yourselves into thinking they approve of your continued decimation of your own population? That while you shout great things for your people, your quiet role in stealing daughters would go unnoticed? How many times have you participated in prayers to bring them home when you’ve helped whisk them away? How many committee meetings have you sat in while hiding your complicity?

My dear historian, did you realize the moment you lied to me you were done or did you think you’d pulled one over on the White girl that rolled into town? Did you think the eagle doesn’t see and wouldn’t tell me?   How long did you think you could keep storytelling before you own was told? Did you think the ants wouldn’t sing another song? That owl and willow were merely standing by? That the bees were blind? Oh, sir…

Mr. Regina–I’m going to call you that for now. I guessing you don’t mind since you’ve ignored other’s personal boundaries. Did you know that every time you try to smoke me out, you leave a trail of stench right back to you or did you think the Wind you rode in on would cover your tracks? Did you know They called you out long before you thought it a good idea to frighten me off? That I have seen and smelled you face-to-face or did you think that was ‘just a dream’?

Oh, Mr. Wichita of Oklahoma and Affiliated, not Kansas. You, too, trying to twist the ways of the world around your finger to get your way and keep your gains. The magic doesn’t work that way, nor does the medicine. Your own Ancestors may love you but the word they use to describe you is ‘evil’. Not something fitting for your next campaign slogan.

When you secretly stand at the gates you think you hold, do you feel pride or does your sphincter quiver?

When you send out the Hunters, don’t you know that I know? Did you think the things you’ve imagined into being would harm me,  or that the medicine could be weaponized like that $50,000 bullet?  Oh, yes. I know about that, too.


And, you, the lovely one standing at the West?  I see you, too.  You choose to enslave sisters but who is the most bound? Whose bones do you see poking through the skin of your lies?



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