The Grief You are Feeling

Photo by Kat Jayne on

The grief we are feeling is not the private sort. That exists but this is not it.

What we are feeling is a shared grief; felt across continents, cultures, and for some, time. It’s resonance has always been there. However, now, with less to filter it through your busy days, you can feel it.

On days when the Weaver threads it through your heart, it can feel unbearable. It is not. It has been borne a long time and now it is reminding you that you are your brother’s keeper, sister’s lover, not kissing cousins twice removed but inextricably entwined. Weep for another, weep for yourself, let your heart been cracked and then mended by the love that comes on the same thread, from the same needle.

Feel it, express it, rage within it, sleep the healing sleep, dance the forgiving dance. Sit in well of it all. You cannot bypass it, though you may really want to. You may also try to ignore it now that it’s coming to the fore. If that’s the case, you’re getting the right eyebrow right about now.

There is grace here, too.

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