My Darling Empath

My darling empath, you cannot separate yourself from the fabric you are part of. There is no shield, bubble or cloak. The route of intentional blindness serves no one. Feel it, be in it, breathe through it. Sit quietly or holler, pray softly or yell with you heart behind it.

If you think you can hide from your true nature, you are mistaken. You are no more separate from the suffering than you are the love, than you are the holiest of the holies and Grace. Hiding will create havoc in the mind, body and soul.

Breathe. Be.

There is no way to drown in it, you’ll not be burned. The only harm comes when you fight it. Breathe. Be. Let go of trying to control. This is the all asking for surrender. They cannot be free without you being as you are meant to be.

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