Patience and Murder

In the summer of 2017, a young woman from Helena, MT, asked me to put my gifts to work in solving a murder committed six years before that. I figured, “Why not?” At the time, I was beginning what I thought was going to be my first book and getting away from research seemed a fine idea.

Knowing only what was to be found on all things interwebz, I went to what was thought to be the scene of the initial crime and wasn’t so much flooded with information, I just saw. I knew instantly that he’d been shot to death and by whom. I also knew immediately there were co-conspirators and was led to where weapons and other remains were. I also knew, without question, that law enforcement knew who had done it and was left with the question of why the crime had not been charged.

In the summer of 2017, I walked away from the group that was urging investigation because the hamster-wheel cycle of fear, conspiracy theories, and lack of practical engagement wasn’t something I was interested in. In the summer of 2018, after I’d returned to Montana from seven months in the desert, I met a retired Lewis and Clark County Sheriff’s Deputy who asked me to become involved again. Hesitant to jump back into a thing that would consume a lot of energy, I agreed to, at the very least, go back and walk the property with him, just as I had a year ago.

We walked, not having to go far to where our streams of information crossed paths. Where I’d felt the gun shot to the back of the head was where deputies found a large pool of blood. When I described the male, former military special forces, who came in from out of town as the murderer, he asked, “How did you know?” I just knew.

Skeletal remains had been found twice after the murder; once in October 2011 and the skull, separately, a year later. However, when the victim was killed and dismembered, his organs were removed and not placed with the rest of the body. Dreams and visions in the summer of 2018brought confirming information about where organs and soft tissue as well as weapons had been buried on adjacent property–places for which no judge would sign a warrant based on a psychic-lady’s ‘information’.

In addition, I received information that one of the co-conspirators had kept a souvenir of the murder and knew where it was hidden. I don’t have a way of knowing if anyone has followed up with the information I gave re: the co-conspirators because cooperative communication with law enforcement doesn’t much exist these days. However, this past August, one person, the person I identified as the murderer three years ago, was arrested and has been formally charged. Finally. This is not what I would call complete justice because, in my opinion, there are two other arrests that need to be made but, right now, this is confirmation that I know what I know when I I know it. And…and that the truth always reveals itself. Always.

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