The Boys Scouts Debacle

Perhaps the Boy Scouts revelations have brought us to a turning point?

Boy Scouts deluged with 92,700 sexual abuse claims, dwarfing U.S. Catholic Church’s numbers

For generations we have raised people into adulthood who thought they could sexually traumatize other generations. Then, we agreed —for very discreet reasons—to protect the perpetrators and not the child victims.
We shake our fists, rant and stomp about castration and death penalties, payouts and ‘those people’ and holler in outrage. And, yet. Yet, we continue to create more perpetrators and victims. We won’t talk about this: what and why we, as a multi-generation collective, have done to perpetuate child rape. Why is it that law enforcement can’t keep up with the proliferation of electronic child (including infant and toddlers) pornography and their investigations are some of the first cut when budgets are called into question. Why is it that we don’t value our children enough to call about traffickers and rapists? Why is it that the value of their hearts and future is less than hashtags, distorted truths and secrets?
We can’t fix it, turn the pattern around, until we have some honest discussions that don’t fit within a dichotomy of black and white. We need to start talking about it or our complacency will continue to breed brutality.

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