“You Are Dead.”

My intent was not to make this public. I was going to hold it close to my heart while sharing it with leadership within Indian Country across the continent and, with any luck and a few answered prayers, create a plan for the deep work that needs to be done.

However, two nights ago, I received my first overt, yet indirect threat, since November 2017.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been staying at a hotel because I’m temporarily homeless. Tonight, as I was finally, FINALLY, drifting off into sleep, I was wakened by cops banging on the door of the room next to mine. At one point it sounded like they were banging on my window so I got up and opened the door but they weren’t at mine so ‘not my circus, not my monkeys’. Until the front desk called and a sergeant informed me that someone had called 911 and reported that someone had been shot and killed in my hotel room. My specific hotel room.

When I walked outside to see if there was anyone to talk to, I was given the same information and I asked a deputy if 911 knew where the emergency call originated. “From an Indian reservation but we can’t narrow it down any further.”


Today is the day that I got verification that the letter below has been received by at least some of the 300+ elected leaders in Indian Country across the US and Canada. With written confirmation that it had been received by at least one person in Winnebago Country, I further emailed the same letter to legislators & council members of the same Nations. Not ideal, clearly, but after already spending a few hundred dollars on postage, it was necessary.

I don’t know with certainty who or from where this indirect, yet overt, threat originated. I DO know with certainty that any doubts I had about being under surveillance have been removed. They know the specific room I’m in. And none of y’all do. Curious, no?

The cops left without taking a report that I asked someone to take so I’d have another layer of paperwork and tried to convince me they were actually banging on my door. “Have a good night.” Whatintheeverlovingfuck.

What’s below is what instigated the current threat. From whom and where is unclear. Why clearly is.

I need help moving into a safe space. The lease has been signed and I need $1900 to move in. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Paypal is http://paypal.me/IngridOliphant Venmo is @Ingrid-Oliphant-1 and Cashapp is $IngridOliphant

Many thanks!!

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