Two Videos on my involvement with Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Photo by Raíssa Letícia

What appears below was recorded for the private viewing of elected 300-400 people in Indigenous leadership across US and Canada to whom I have, over the course of the past three weeks, sent the letter I shared here yesterday.

Because of the threat on my life, I am choosing to publicly share this. This is why someone wants to silence me. This is why of the over 300 letter recipients from across the continent, only one person in tribal leadership has responded (outside of the one who would like to scare me into silence). Why? And, why is it that this trusted person, an elected representative for his Nation, has also encountered the same unwillingness of others to act on information related to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, all while communities are crying for awareness and their missing?

What are people so frightened of? To use the words of the council person with whom I’ve communicated, why is “…such a simple feed [thing?] of finding the missing and murdered a final resting place is such a controversy.”

For peoples intent on using the ‘honoring our Ancestors’ as a teaching tool to choose to leave bones in the ground and water when they want to come home is a contrast I cannot understand. There are those that create a stir about returning bones from museums to their homeland without doing the same for  ones buried more recently, hurts. The contrast is an hypocrisy that my heart cannot understand. Not only have these women been disappeared by acts of violence, they remain so by the callous disregard of community leadership.



This is the second video in the series:

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