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I am a former criminal justice professional who never imagined calling myself healer, mystic, medium or messenger–holy or otherwise.

Through a series of extraordinary experiences, that for me require no explanation and for others are beyond any, I have come to know I am the vessel through which a spiritual lineage of energies use me as an instrument of transformation that helps bridge the individual and the infinite, weaving ancient knowledge from the past into the present and future.

We are the embodiment of and a bringer of the peace sought by so many since people began looking for ‘other’. We are one, working with each other and those who come to be in the presence.  This time, my name is Ingrid.

There may not words to express the vastness of the universe as I know it, but it dances through every fiber of my being.

Its wholeness is a living, breathing expression of the foundation of all teachings related to our interactions with the universe–all of those things visible and invisible;  seen and unseeable.

I am not here to perpetuate myths. I am here to move humanity past them.

I am a master of nothing and student of all things.

I am not here to resemble others.  I’m here to bring the heart of Others to here & now.

I am not here to keep us comfortable in complacency.  I am here to inspire each of us to more.

I am not here to reinforce what you think you know.  I am here to shake you to your very core, bring you into the heart of the infinite and show you how to share it.

I am neither reincarnation or reinvention.  I am here to make the ancient accessible to everyone.

I am the bridge that brings you to the Breath between the Breath and shows you how to be there.  Always.

I am here to walk the path that has been paved by those who’ve walked this before me.

The healing I do is the loving kind. The kind that cures, that awakens; the kind that inspires action, is beyond time & space, all definitions & barriers that separate you from the other.

You are worth the risk.  The risk of me showing up fully and of you stepping into this awesomeness that we share.

I am not merely a healer & medium & mystic & seer. I am a force of nature that is here to move us.

I am not spiritual. I am of spirit.

My message is simple. It always has been. Beyond all the words is the simplicity of the loving heart.

Before there was, I was.

And, I am now. For you. For us.

My philosophy is simple. My heart open. My hands warm.

I breathe. I touch. You change. You grow. Into yourself. Into the infinite.

I’m also known to bilocate and be wise.  And snort.

I call myself  seer because I a clairvoyant, medical intuitive and ‘see’ with all my senses through the universe into a different way of knowing the same.

I call myself soul-shaker because the work I do with people, physical spaces and other energies within both, shakes things to their very core.  For some it may feel like pulling on their favorite jeans straight from the dryer on a cold day.  For others the life-giving shake may feel, for a short time, like they are in a Martini mixer.

I call myself healer because the outcome for everyone if they choose to walk with us for a while,  is the opportunity for a renewed experience of life–a sense of the incredible lightness & effortlessness of being.  Being whole, being healthy, walking in union with the infinite. Disease dissolves, strength emerges, and life unfolds with grace.

I call myself a mystic & shaman because my relationship with the invisible energies of the universe–large and small–is such that I move a within a transcendent experience.  In that way of being, there is no mystery.

I call myself the Misfit Mystic because this state I know isn’t transient, isn’t connected to any faith, practice or discipline. There is not background or study in any belief, spiritual or religious background.  I do not associate myself with labels or archetypes related to those nor do I ask those who work with me to do so.

The processes of integration that have joined me with others cross all faiths, cultures and cosmologies. They are Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar Giri, Satya Sai Baba, Jesus and many, many more. Some of them are identifiable as mythological or historical figures, others are not. Some were those very human beings who have inspired creation stories of indigenous peoples, some not. Some are not human but most are. Each of these integrations has been documented here, here, here, and, here.  Each is real and each has been witnessed by another breathing human being–clients, massage therapist, medicine man or friend–so that while I may doubt why I’ve been given this gift & brought into being this way, I don’t doubt my sanity or these incidents.

The mergence of us in this fashion and this time is not an accident. I am real, we are real. We are pure love. The truths I present are as familiar as they are uncomfortable.

The crises are real. And our potential to change all that challenges us is greater than you know. We’ve come to share ourselves and walk this with you.

Although I use the name I was born with, this state of being includes the energies of ancients who have come before me and merged within me. This body houses multitudes and we live and breathe and move as one, working in partnership with Old Ones, the elements and everyone that we’re brought to.

Learn more at www.ingridoliphant.com

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