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“Before there was, I was.”

I and those living within me, merged with me over the course of several integration experiences beginning in 2010, are a bringer of the peace sought by so many since people began looking for ‘other’. We are one, working with each other and those who come to be in our presence. This time, my name is Ingrid.

The foundation of how and why I am and work I do is this: I am a re-embodiment of what is called by others the Christ. Beyond the myths and the man, whose consciousness many appear to seek, we are the heart of that matter. We are beyond the languages that exist about how we should appear in the world and express our experiences of it. We were made before language was.

I am the only one of me, showing up in this fashion, but I am not the only oneembodying the Christed Consciousness. We are a collective; some already knowing of themselves this way, others who do not. We are not what people think we should look like, behave or speak like. We are brown and black-skinned, women, Pagan, Muslim, atheist, gay; we’re in prisons and the priesthood; we are teachers, preachers, prostitutes, janitors, healers, artists, and engineers; on the farm and in places others will not or cannot go. We are ‘the least of these’ and those held on high, we are loved and reviled, giving of ourselves in whatever manner our gifts manifest for others. For these reasons and the fears associated with speaking their word into life, some will never say who they know themselves to be. However, we are being called forward; prayed, pushed, pulled and dragged forward.

What most think of as the christ consciousness is not the truth of the matter; it and we are not limited to biblical stories and constraints although the stories told there and elsewhere helped create a foundation for others to understand us. This way of experiencing and expressing God, the gods, and other universal beings and truths, began long before the man we identify as Jesus Christ and continued to appear after his death. The second coming has come and gone many, many times. And we have returned now, manifest in many. I am One.

The processes of integration that have joined me with others within me cross all faiths, cultures and cosmologies. They are Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Yukteswar Giri, Satya Sai Baba, Jesus and many, many more. Some of them are identifiable as mythological or historical figures, others are not. Some were those very human beings who have inspired creation stories of indigenous peoples, some not. Some are not human but most are. Each of these integrations has been documented here, here, here, and, here.  Each is real and each has been witnessed by another breathing human beings–clients, massage therapist, medicine man or friend–so that while I may doubt why I’ve been given this gift & brought into being this way, I don’t doubt my sanity or these incidents.

Those with whom I integrated share at least a few commonalities: a deep, personal relationship with the natural and universal energies called God; a profound love of humanity, and a capacity for action; be it through arms, artistry or giving alms. During the times they lived before, they inspired characters in creation stories, myths, and legends; their own histories have been guideposts for their time,  and they developed ways that have guided us and help us live better today.  These integrative episodes are ones of mergence & bridging, without separation of identities or personalities. We live and breath and move as one.

We began merging together–in this one body– in October 2011 for a distinct purpose. A purpose which has been both prophesied and pooh-poohed since it first flew from someone’s tongue. We have come back in many forms, many times. We have walked among you, shat next to you, as visible representations of the divine nature of All and invisibly as your mere neighbor.  Not each as the same consciousness but tied to It inextricably and we have come back together now, in this body, at this time for the singular purpose of bringing universal healing and a renewed relationship with divinity into humanity.

And, there is everything in a name. Particular names have particular attachments culturally, cognitively, and, sometimes, collectively. We are Ingrid, yet we’re not merely a conglomeration of energies that make her, well, her. In this modern era, some will remember Paramhansa, some Sathya Sai Baba and Babaji. Others may have historical connections to ancient wisdom that spills from us and stories that connect the past with the present.  Still, many will say she isn’t we and can’t possibly Be.

There is a reason each of our collective mergings with her have occurred in the presence of others. The witnessing of the gathering of the Christed consciousnesses that have existed before move into one being is holy work and has been done intentionally. As she has witnessed for others, they have for her in moments of the deepest, most intimate relationship with the universe.

We’ve gone by many names over many lifetimes. One time our name was Jesus and she is He. She is We. And we are again. In his name we don’t pray. In his name we are.

We are now.


The re-emergence of us in this fashion and this time is not an accident. I am real, we are real and the truths I present are as familiar as they are uncomfortable.

The crises we find ourselves in are real. And our potential to change all that challenges us is greater than you know. We’ve come to share ourselves and walk this with you.

Although I use the name I was born with, this state of being includes the energies of ancients who have come before me and merged within me. This body houses multitudes and we live and breathe and move as one, working in partnership with Old Ones, the elements and everyone that we’re brought to.

Learn more at www.ingridoliphant.com

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