My Darling Empath

My darling empath, you cannot separate yourself from the fabric you are part of. There is no shield, bubble or cloak. The route of intentional blindness serves no one. Feel it, be in it, breathe through it. Sit quietly or holler, pray softly or yell with you heart behind it. If you think you can... Continue Reading →

Old Message, No Master

I sup with the Old; go to sleep with their kin. What I cannot see, colors and clouds show. Painted and unpainted, adorned not by the adoration they've been shone but by their naked shining. They never called themselves Master or Mistress and when they ask me to speak, I wonder if this is how... Continue Reading →

The Bones Whistle on the Wind

Calling themselves home? 44.3534, -108.1300 53.9169, -112.6852 -23.0170, -46.8699 49.2274, -122.2760 38.8891, -78.0758 41.2633, -70.0526 17.7265, -101.5290 30.2712, -81.7529 48.7990, -122.4500 44.48, 34.1256 48.1714, -124.2799 35.3812, -97.4749 33.0088, -83.3681 50.739389, -114.31611 44.14, -103.197 30.2712, -81.7529 47.0343, -122.9690 53.9169, -122.6852 46.6012, -111.8910 34.1273, -79.1084 17.6417, -108.552 17.7265, -101.5290 46.8980, -122.5600 40.8628, -77.3913 46.8980, -122.5600 48.7990, -122.4500... Continue Reading →

God’s Touch

What does the breeze coax from you when it touches your skin? When God slips along your pores? Can you feel that, the ribbon weaving around you? Pulling you into the wakened dream?

Can You Hear It?

  Can you hear the rhythm of your heart on the wind? In the new green leaves waving, weaving their own lifelines, threading across the sky to another, to you? Listen. Find your breath and listen. Those lifelines are love. Yours and theirs. Together.

Heart in the Clouds

The clouds caress the mountains and kiss the sky The ember glows, waiting for your breath, for the smoke to rise and the flames to ignite your unwritten song. Sing. Sing into the wind and  be carried on the clouds.

Out of Outrage

I don't know when it was I ran out of space for outrage. I can't remember if there was a singular sudden clap of thunder-like something or whether love just seeped in through all the cracks. I do remember thinking that, when I finally noticed, my brain went to "Something is wrong with me. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Healing and Holding the Holy

You are touched by the whole world, as you are. You need neither permission nor to be healed to be held. When healed, though, and in the act of healing you begin to¬†feel that touch, those tendrils of all things, and you open to them Allowing your skin to widen enough for the love to... Continue Reading →

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