“You Are Dead.”

My intent was not to make this public. I was going to hold it close to my heart while sharing it with leadership within Indian Country across the continent and, with any luck and a few answered prayers, create a plan for the deep work that needs to be done. However, two nights ago, I … Continue reading “You Are Dead.”

No Path, No Way: Perfect

Photo by Rob Wicks “This focus of 'inward path' and 'outward path' is as limiting a belief as any. As if one is more 'righteous' or 'right' than the other. A judgment of outward as materialistic and inward as 'spiritual' when they're both the same. That 'inward path' is just another way of fulfilling something … Continue reading No Path, No Way: Perfect

I Felt That

To whoever was reading the Indian Gaming and Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women a few minutes ago, I felt the threads you sent out. Please, next time, instead of trying to sneak-a-peek, have the courage to connect with me directly.