antler tap rootBeyond the language of philosophies and Mystery, dogma and dharma, there is a singular underlying truth.

It is a knowing of experience, brought to humanity & distilled through the heart of the Beloveds.

In this energetic experience of universality, there is the opportunity for profound healing of individual & historical trauma, personal transformation, divine inspiration, and an internal recognition of our connection to all that is and has been. Woven through the stillness of the body and opening of the heart, this transmission may include channeling elders & masters, riotous laughter, and some snot.

Into the Magic will be presented in the form of traditional Sufi sobhet—conversation and energetic communion. This experience often brings spontaneous satori, a state of consciousness connected to deep peace, and a capacity to access the that knowing—a distinct, tangible, palpable feeling—in the midst of chaos, to bring you into full connection, instant calm and clarity.

You will be guided through the session by spirit and Ingrid as she holds sacred space and touches the heart of each participant.

When you sign up for this event, you will recognize this is sacred work & you will agree to participate without distraction, honoring the space for yourself and Spirit. There will time for a question & answer session after the healing event and you can make arrangements with Ingrid for any follow-up or individual time.

This event is open to the public but is not free. The fee is $45 and non-refundable.

To register & receive access to the live stream event, go here. When you sign up, you will receive confirmation and 24 hours before the event, you will receive the link for the transmission.