You know I know, right?

You know that I know about The Cleaner, right? Por supuesto que sí. Después de todo este tiempo, ¿todavía no entiendes?  Ellos me dicen. Los antepasados y Otros me lo dicen.

International Gaming and Missing and Murdered Women and Children

Last week, I listed Indian casinos that actively participate in The Fuckery, what may be the largest sex trafficking network in the world. I do not know that definitively but their reach includes the following casinos, that where easier, have been separated out by company rather than country: Genting Casinos: UK (Birmingham, London and More),... Continue Reading →

The Real Conspiracy Here

The greatest conspiracy here is complacency. If the amount of energy being used (and consumed) by folks perpetuating the "obviousness" of Epstein's "suicide" were actually being put into talking about the tens of thousands of young people who are impacted by sexual slavery, or engaging with organizations that work for and with them, we'd have... Continue Reading →

While You Were Paddling

While you were paddling, making your way to the Lummi Nation, what was going through your mind?  What were your prayers?  To whom did you sing? What did you hear beyond the sound of your own heart beating? How much of your thoughts were centered on"ohshitohshitohshit. Oh. Shit! Now what do I do?", when your... Continue Reading →

Burned Alive?

You burned them alive? You burned them ALIVE!! Did you hear them, too?   The ways of mercy are not how many imagine so what I want to say to you as grief rolls through would be as untrue as the mask you wear. There are no words that could meet your heart. Or are... Continue Reading →

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