A Lesson from the Covid-year

This year has taught me a lot and it has cemented for me this: The work I do is absolutely for everyone who is called to me, no matter this size of their checking account. This is for everyone who is ready to be met where they are, as they are. The unfolding of Covid-related... Continue Reading →

I Felt That

To whoever was reading the Indian Gaming and Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women a few minutes ago, I felt the threads you sent out. Please, next time, instead of trying to sneak-a-peek, have the courage to connect with me directly.

We Do This Together

  A Facebook connection shared this earlier today, written by a third party: No one is coming to save you, but it is not because you are unloved. To the contrary: You are so revered, so adored, so magnificent, that to send to you a savior would be to destroy your opportunity to become what... Continue Reading →

Patience and Murder

In the summer of 2017, a young woman from Helena, MT, asked me to put my gifts to work in solving a murder committed six years before that. I figured, "Why not?" At the time, I was beginning what I thought was going to be my first book and getting away from research seemed a... Continue Reading →

Standing Rock and The Fuckery

As I crisscrossed the country the rest of 2014, with my first stop being the Marias River massacre site others, long dead according to written history, begin introducing themselves. Sometimes individually as did Sitting Bull and other times en masse. Until they introduced themselves, I had no intellectual or known spiritual connection to them. They... Continue Reading →

Living with a Price on My Head

There’s trust and then there’s trust. It’s one thing to live in the understanding that that all of creation is supporting you. In theory. When it comes to the life and death experience of knowing someone, somewhere would like you killed, trusting and the lack thereof become pretty clear.  ************************************************************************ This is an excerpt from... Continue Reading →

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