Reality of the Unreal

Prophetic dreams, directional visions, and other ways messages from God and gods are as real now as they were in the past. They exist without belief in the same way the earth is round despite there is a rather large contingent that believes otherwise. These things and experiences associated with them also exist outside the... Continue Reading →

Their ‘Vibration’ is Perfectly Fine, Thanks.

Every time you try to “raise someone’s vibration” or convince their higher self of something that you deem more important, you are judging somebody in one of the cruelest ways. It’s an attempt to get what you want to feed your own sense of self. It has nothing to do with wanting to meet someone... Continue Reading →

The Grief You are Feeling

Photo by Kat Jayne on The grief we are feeling is not the private sort. That exists but this is not it. What we are feeling is a shared grief; felt across continents, cultures, and for some, time. It's resonance has always been there. However, now, with less to filter it through your busy... Continue Reading →

Lighting the Fire

Moses had the bush on fire, fully aflame yet not burning. You've heard "Don't touch that! It's hot!" for so long that you've forgotten there is a flame that licks, pulls you like a moth toward it, onto the path pre-lit for you. Light the match. The time is now. You are the sacred.

On Marvin Gaye

  Today is the anniversary of Marvin Gaye's death. I was 14, getting ready for school and heard the news on my radio. And I lost my shit. It wasn't that he 'just died', I didn't have that kind of attachment. It was that his father killed him. It was the immediate knowledge that parents... Continue Reading →

Our Way

I have never born false witness. My relationships with those things that others cannot see are my devotion and I can't lie to them or about them. And where they weave me into the physical world--either through the power of prayer or an 'accidental' meeting--it is always outside the boundaries of 'our way' but directly... Continue Reading →

Braided Breath, Bonded Heart

You weren't born a basket but the weaving of you began long ago, before a thought ever conceived you. Plaited, wefted, crossed again through the stars time and again. Spider, fly touching points of light and threading into the dark Dipped into the bubbling brook to be given the Word Threaded through the eye to... Continue Reading →

What If You Knew

What would change for you if you knew that a God, The God, all the Gods, wanted nothing more than a relationship with you? What if you knew they do not require worship or for you to follow the rules others have set forward as your way to access the truth of their Being, of... Continue Reading →

Spring Drinking

As we begin to drink more more sun than snow The pace of growth quicken for you as does the greening of things. Deepening roots will draw strength to bend into the light open aloft And become the dance of God.

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