The Love Lobotomy

"In a society at war with man and nature, a religion of peace and love might be fantasized into creed, rituals & otherworlds while it's professed adherent continue to live [in a way that doesn't support it]. ~ Jim Corbett (Goatwalking) "Everything is Love" is a mantra that's begun to grate on my nerves.  It's... Continue Reading →

Star Stirring

In the light, my hair looks like It's been streaked by fire. I wonder what it'll be like after its tendrils have stirred the stars.

Why are you anti-meditation?

It's not so much that I'm 'anti-meditation'. Meditation can mean different things to different people. There are a multitude of ways to do it. I just don't. Meditation, even in terms of quieting the mind, works for many people at a variety levels. And if it works for them, brilliant. Here, though, is why I... Continue Reading →

Kermit and the Dalai Lama

While enjoying my snow day with high-speed internet, full power coffee, and fuzzy socks, I trolled my FB stream.  Usually, because my interwebz access is rather limited, I hop on and off so today was a treat.  I even kinda, sorta like recycled photos and quotes that I've seen in the past. I can't remember... Continue Reading →


"...night is here but the barbarians have not come. And some people arrived from the borders, And said that there are no longer any barbarians. And note what shall become off us without any barbarians? Those people were some kind of solution." Constantine Cavafy, Waiting for the Barbarians

My Prayer

Maybe, somewhere burbling within I do have a message.  I dunno.  Here's what came through today. My prayer is that you hear the Divine both within the silence and a child's laughter. That you see the Divine in both yourself and another; That you touch the Divine through a blade of grass and the cool... Continue Reading →

More Merton

"Since no man every can, or could, live by himself and for himself alone, the destinies of thousands of other people were bound to be affected, some remotely, but some very directly and near-at-hand, by my own choices and decisions and desires, as my own life would also be formed and modified according to theirs."... Continue Reading →

I am Healer, Mystic & Gun Owner

The nature of this post has changed a bit since I first decided to write it in light of  Newtown, Connecticut.  At this point, I'm not sure what the impetus was (something about human desperation) but in light of personal interactions since the shooting, I've felt the need to let this morph into something both... Continue Reading →

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