I am Healer, Mystic & Gun Owner

The nature of this post has changed a bit since I first decided to write it in light of  Newtown, Connecticut.  At this point, I'm not sure what the impetus was (something about human desperation) but in light of personal interactions since the shooting, I've felt the need to let this morph into something both … Continue reading I am Healer, Mystic & Gun Owner

Autumn Floods

The autumn floods had come.  Thousands of wild torrents poured furiously into the Yellow River.  It surged and flooded its banks until, looking across, you could not tell an ox from a horse on the other side.  Then the River God laughed, delighted to think that ll the beauty in the world had fallen into … Continue reading Autumn Floods

Tangled Web

SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/ingrdo/Documents/Tangled%20web.docWave after wave of grief & pain.Not the colossal waves that shred, cleanse and renew but hints.  Small little ripples teasing, a prelude to what is to come. I don’t know as I’ve ever given much consideration to the anything called an ultimate betrayal.  I thought I might have experienced that as a child. But this is … Continue reading Tangled Web

PTSD and me

I used to be plagued by the standard symptoms of PTSD for years.  Despite knowing what was going on with me--my background as treatment provider made it impossible to not know--I didn't begin any kind of treatment until my early 30s.  I went to therapist after therapist looking for someone who would 'fit' me, 'get' … Continue reading PTSD and me