Angels and I

A few weeks ago I asked Facebookers in my stream to toss out a few questions in an effort to find some writing inspiration.  At the time, I lost focus but remembered the essence of one question:  Do you communicate/work with angels? In short, no. Some of you may know that, for me, how I... Continue Reading →

An email opener

The following is an email I got last week from a stranger via FB: Sick and tired of your whining and crying on Facebook. Who cares if you flew across the ocean and did't get any business from it. You should of had the common sense not to do it in the first place. Get... Continue Reading →

Kind Suggestions

It’s been kindly suggested that I hold back from sharing my struggles with folks who share my social media stream and, potentially, the general public or potential clients, so that others will see me as an 'expert' & teacher. While I appreciate the sentiment, the idea that people only need to know me as an... Continue Reading →

Confessions from an exhausted healer

I'm not a visionary or evolutionary expert, pioneer or master. I've not been doing this for years.  That's not quite true. I've been doing it for 2.  In the current fashion for 18 months. I'm not on a 'spiritual' path.  That phrase has no meaning to me. I'm not going to talk to you about... Continue Reading →

On Integration and Becoming

The string of events in the last few months that makes my life uniquely mine  continue at an amazing rate.   What others call 'ecstatic experiences' are, for me, quite normal.  Until, well, they are not. In An UnCommon Experience and On Fear and Stepping Up I shared two of my most striking 'conversations with the... Continue Reading →

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