Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls

Silent No More

In September 2017, I was contacted by a Navajo police officer with whom I’d worked in the past. He sent me a missing person’s flyer and asked, “What do you feel from this?” I did not want to engage. After two weeks of being led across southern Alberta and Saskatchewan by Poundmaker, Shingwauk, Crowfoot, FineDay, and others, and not seeing a thing for it other than an empty gas tank and an empty me, I was exhausted and pissed.

“She’s in Phoenix.”

“Not my circus, not my monkeys.”

How wrong I was. Within two days of receiving his note, the visions began; menacing men, goddesses giving balls of lightning, connections to a missing woman from Montana and more. Within three days, people I had little or no connection to outside of social media, began sharing dreams saying, “I don’t know why I need to tell you this but…” By day four, I’d met the otherwise invisible Posse who travel with me, called the Navajo missing woman’s mother and by day ten I was on the road to Phoenix, Arizona.

By the morning of day twelve, I was interviewed at the Phoenix FBI office sharing information as I knew it then, some of which I felt was actionable. By the afternoon of that same day, I’d met a beloved community leader of a desert American Indian tribe who was neck deep in the sexual trafficking of young people. Three days after that, I found a place on that same Indian reservation where young people who had been disappeared are held until auction, then sold and transported under the cover of a legitimate enterprise.

What I thought was going to be a 7-10 day trip into the desert became a seven month ordeal that has continued since I fled. Two years into this exploration of a partnership between the Sinaloa cartel and Indian Gaming, I have been under physical and electronic surveillance by the federal government and by those who want to protect their illicit interests and their perception in the indigenous communities they call home, shunned by the communities of those for whom I am in service, and there is a $50,000 price on my head. And I will not give up.

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