A Pondering on Saving the Mother but not her Daughters

Why do we shout "Save the Mother!!" but quietly whisper the wish her daughters were 'just born boys' to save them?


Which frightens you most, the Ancient voices that come to you on the wind, cutting like slivers of ice on a cold day, or the faces and headless torsos that show themselves in dream?


Señor, creo que entiende mal lo que se está desarrollando. No se trata de la pérdida de poder o castigo. Es el grito de La Madre y sus oraciones puestas en acción.

Oh, Sir

Have you forgotten that the mountains talk to each other, that they're braided like roots? That the river you think is dry, isn't? That the wind shifts and spins as well as sand and speaks like the Ancestors do? That their voices--those of the ones you tell the stories to in the dark--can be heard... Continue Reading →

Buried Bodies and Buried Truths

Enforced disappearances.  Disappearances of Indigenous women and children from the Americas that are aided and abetted by local, tribal and federal law enforcement agencies across the continent, by those in the highest reaches of the United States and other militaries, private industry, local, state and federal houses of legislature, and government-owned multimillion dollar enterprises. All... Continue Reading →

The Mother

  The Mother of the Sea The Mother of the Rivers The Mother of the Mountains The Mother of the Trees The Mother of the mud and magma, her primordial ooze that made man. And the Mothers in the wind, that dance amongst the starlit trails and leave their footprints in the sand.   Daughters... Continue Reading →

Global Links to Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

The international reach of The Fuckery's movement of disappeared indigenous women from North America goes beyond gaming institutions. It involves the diplomatic corps of the United States, Russia, Japan, China and Kyrgyzstan in the United States, Russia, Japan, China, Morocco, Germany and more.  It involves multinational resort and hotel brands that span the globe and... Continue Reading →

The Disappeared but Not Dead

There are so many who just want to come home. They are alive. There are so many mothers and brothers who think they're dead. They're not. They are alive. There are so many that have given up the hope of wrapping their arms around daughters and nieces and granddaughters. There are so many who just... Continue Reading →

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