Standing Rock and The Fuckery

As I crisscrossed the country the rest of 2014, with my first stop being the Marias River massacre site others, long dead according to written history, begin introducing themselves. Sometimes individually as did Sitting Bull and other times en masse. Until they introduced themselves, I had no intellectual or known spiritual connection to them. They... Continue Reading →

Living with a Price on My Head

There’s trust and then there’s trust. It’s one thing to live in the understanding that that all of creation is supporting you. In theory. When it comes to the life and death experience of knowing someone, somewhere would like you killed, trusting and the lack thereof become pretty clear.  ************************************************************************ This is an excerpt from... Continue Reading →

Facebook live recording

The foundation of my philosophy on #empaths is this: we are not separate, individuated by the boundaries of our skin. There is no ‘psychic’ gift involved. It is a fully realized, physiological expression of our interconnected nature. We feel each other because we bleed through any borders we try to create. It is neither gift... Continue Reading →

Marriage, no Proposal

On Thursday, February 9, 2017, I was minding my own business with Bastest and yogifying to work out the kinks remaining from Standing Rock. I had the kind of sweat that only Seane Corn can create. Somewhere between vin and yasa, all proceedings were interrupted by two Old Ladies, Grandmothers of the invisible persuasion. One... Continue Reading →

Breath and Bones

The bones They carry us when we are breathing and carry the breath to get us home when we are not. The breath continues as prayer and whistles through the bones. Carried by the winds to an ear, the call toward home. Seeking to replace the lostness with a space the heart knows. When the... Continue Reading →

Those Voices

Oh , my loveThose voices you hear? They are real.They are your forebears and from the future,Calling you into Being and pulling you into Yourself. Fear not, young oneYou will no longer feel anything aloneYet you will feel more… More intensely, more deeplyMore of nothingAnd everything All.One. In one.In you. Breathe, child. And be. Glorious.

Introduction to Into the Lion’s Den: A Shaman’s Journey into the Underworld of the Sinaloa Cartel, Indian Gaming and Sex Trafficking in Indian Country

This book is the story of truths that want to be acknowledged and remembered even when there are those that want to disarm and disbelieve it or leave it behind. These truths include history that many have long forgotten, the significant pain experienced by multitudes across generations, and how those things intersect in the modern... Continue Reading →

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