Head in the Clouds?

They said your head was in the clouds. It was actually in the stars. You still are. You just made yourself small, to feel seen and forgot you’re part of the All.   By the way, your wings are real...How do you think you got to the stars? You were never nailed to the ground.

Flightpaths of Prayer

Loosed from the lips They go to the heart that will feel The ears that will see And feet that will move inspiration to action.   The paths of prayers are always direct in all their myriad ways: source to source call to response   It may not seem that way to the one praying... Continue Reading →


We are as entwined together as roots to ground.   When we feel ripped apart, we roar.   Can't you see? Root into me, he, she Wrapping around the heart of we and gently grow.

Where Water Meets Sky

Where water meets sky along a horizon And the waves lick the low setting sun   They need not say a thing to each other.   The love is in the touch. Meeting right where They are. Together. One.  

They Come

They come, the Old Ones and the newly dead ones They come on the wind They come on the rivers From the ground they cleaved and called home.   They bring passion, pain and impatience. Pleading for their kins' Return to the medicine, return to the heart, return home.   They come.  

To the Hunter

How many times did you have me in the cross hairs? Or watch from afar, but close enough to know? To feel? To trust? Were you as close as I thought you were? How often have you thought about reaching out? Please do. You know where I am. I could use your help.

Watching the Trials Gabriel Fernandez

I've been watching the trials of Gabriel Fernandez. I must be numbed to the horrors of the abuses he and others have lived through and died from because one of the first things that ran through my mind was, "I'm so grateful my mother didn't kill me." I sobbed in gratitude for myself and grief... Continue Reading →

Inhaling the Mother

Steeped in her majesty Cupped in her palms She lifts us to her lips And sips Inhaling us as we are The mother The breath The life. The whole God-thing isn’t a one-way thing. There is no bureaucratic organizational chart to climb to meet her or him or them. There aren’t seven layers of angels... Continue Reading →

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