On Marvin Gaye

  Today is the anniversary of Marvin Gaye's death. I was 14, getting ready for school and heard the news on my radio. And I lost my shit. It wasn't that he 'just died', I didn't have that kind of attachment. It was that his father killed him. It was the immediate knowledge that parents... Continue Reading →

Watching the Trials Gabriel Fernandez

I've been watching the trials of Gabriel Fernandez. I must be numbed to the horrors of the abuses he and others have lived through and died from because one of the first things that ran through my mind was, "I'm so grateful my mother didn't kill me." I sobbed in gratitude for myself and grief... Continue Reading →

Breaking the Silence on My Child Abuse

Breaking the Silence on Child Abuse can break the Pattern of Violence in General So Can You  Did you know that April is Child Abuse Prevention Month?  Me either.  A month of what, exactly? More 'awareness'?  Please.  Prevention? Riiiight. And, yes, that makes me kinda pissed. I was hoping that with the allegations of child... Continue Reading →

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