Those Who Tell Too Much; Ancestors and Missing, Murdered Women and Children

artist: R Blackwater In the introduction to this series on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Children, I mentioned that this unfolding of the Fuckery and I  requires discussion of history and the repercussion arisen out of it, trauma experienced and held by peoples and the natural world, realities of misogyny, sexuality, institutionalized racism, the... Continue Reading →

Oceans of Love It often feels impossible to describe the love contained within me. Even when I cannot give it words, it frightens people. They seem to be confused that the course of love would somehow find them beyond their beliefs or behaviors, that they would be missed or their cry for help would be unheard, and... Continue Reading →

Speak Now or Forever…

The weight of this sad time we must obey Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say. The oldest hath borne most, we that are young Shall never see so much, nor live so long. ~ King Lear Scene 5, Act 3   Oh, my love. In the midst of despair I only... Continue Reading →

Deadly Devotion

To  cry "Save our Mother" while prying open the thighs of her daughters, slashing and burning through souls...   To dance for Durga and honor the cow while murdering their  brothers in skin and sinew incensing  streets with iron-clad odor....   To dutifully bow to the East with desire to bend little boys over at... Continue Reading →

The Occupied Woman

Legions live within the boundaries of her skin.   Joined not at the hip but breath in breath they are, they walk, they weave. The Old Ones occupy her heart in one blood the echo chamber of Ancients.   Spiders occupy her hair, their lighted threads weaving to and fro, stars to sons.   Light... Continue Reading →

Experiencing Christ

What does it mean when people see you as Jesus or have an experience with Jesus when with you? There is more than one answer to this question so I'll begin with the first. I appear as Jesus to many because he is part of who I am. In addition, when people chose to embark... Continue Reading →

No Time for Miracles?

Yesterday, I watched part of a documentary called Holy Ghost. The whole movie is an exploration of proselytizing around the globe by bringing healing energy--here called the Holy Spirit or Power of Jesus--to the streets. In it, Darren Wilson, the director, interviewed a Pentecostal minister who is 'ministering' at a temple while the Holy Ghost... Continue Reading →

Self Segregation and Subjugation of Other

For eons, we have sliced, diced and otherwise organized ourselves and the world in attempts to understand the same. We've adopted parlance, accepted philosophies, and constructed ways to structure our individual nature, each other and the systems around us. Human, self, ego, soul. Super-human, super ego, over soul, higher or deeper self. Personality, intellect, intuition;... Continue Reading →

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