Compassion is Everywhere

      To take responsibility empowers you to do something about whatever it is that’s hindering you. As long as we blame, as long as we avoid or deny, we are removed from the realm of possibility and power to do something about our lives. ~ John Daido Loori

There is a prevading myth that is repeatedly memeified, attached to cute animal and ‘uplifting’ videos, and used as click-bait. It often appears as a form of spiritual angst, discomfort with perceptions of the world. It is a myth that states this is a rare earth one in which human-kind is a mass of twatwaffles and so inexperienced in or incapable of the ways of lovingkindness  there a vacuum of compassion. It is expressed by “my faith in humanity is restored” or “I wish more people were like this (referring to people)” or “I wish more humans were like this (referring to animals)” or “If only the world were more like this, then…”

Stop it.  Just stop it.

Compassion is everywhere. It exists inside and outside of you. You are the one who has the power and choice to engage with it anytime, anywhere. But it requires action.

It is not other humans responsibility to engage in the way you would prefer them to. It is yours. Yours alone. If you are not choosing to act with compassion, lovingkindness, and open-heartedly start now. When you begin that practice, you will see it everywhere because it will be returned to you tenfold.

Gandhi’s ‘Be the Change You Wish to See in This World’ wasn’t meant to be a mere ideal aspiration. It was a directive to help change your perspective on the state of humanity–by first changing your own.

Instead of wishing that things would be differently for you to see, put your rear in gear and mind in motion. Ask yourself how you show compassion to others. What did you do today or can you do tomorrow to share a loving act? What can you do to restore your own humanity? Be the human you are admiring in another? Behave like the animal you’ve humanized? Move past discussion of what consciousness looks like into what conscience is?


Q & A: Why is healing some times successful and sometimes not?

I’ve always been curious about why it is that healers can have powerful healing effects on some and not on others. In your experience, why do you think your work is successful with some and not others?

The short answer is I don’t know.

The fact of the matter is, we don’t know how or why it does work so can’t conclusively say why it doesn’t at times. In my experience there are some commonalities that we can use to make some associations and suppositions. To start this discussion, I think it’s useful to define what we mean by ‘healing’ and ‘success’.

For the first part of the discussion I’m going to define ‘successful healing’ as it relates solely to physical and mental illness: all medicalized symptoms vanish and don’t return. I’m choosing this for any number of reasons but the primary one is this: with the exception of the canine prostate cancer and osteosarcoma cases ‘proved’ cured by x-ray, there is no ‘evidence’ of remission or disappearance outside of client self-disclosure that symptoms have vanished and the issue can be (or has been) identified, defined, and measured. As far as I know those who have experienced loss of symptoms related to Lyme, Herpes Simplex 1 & 2, have not returned to their physician for a titers test to determine if the virus actually disappeared. Folks who have stop taking prescription meds or physical therapy again, as far as I know, haven’t gone back to the prescribing physician unless the process of doing so required supervision. I think my clients and I would both agree that ‘successful healing’ means they feel better and the presenting issue or diagnosis did not recur.

Of those human & canine clients who have come to me for relief of physical problems, there have been a few unsuccessful. There is no pattern really. Funky foot man was on the waiting list for a podiatrist at the Mayo Clinic and wanted to give something alternative a go. Abdominal adhesions did not dissolve, one person’s Lyme did not resolve, and an attempt at psychic surgery on a shoulder still required the scheduled under-the-knife surgery. A dog with osteosarcoma did not live and a paralyzed pig passed away without walking again (yes, I’ve worked on a pig), and another dog remained terrified of thunder.

One of the standard healer answers that I bought into for some time was that it was a matter of mind over matter or, rather, the client getting in the way of their own healing and while that may be the case in some instances I don’t believe it true in all. I used to believe that the success while working with animals was an indicator of why it didn’t work with humans. My reasoning went something like this: Animals don’t have the attachment to belief systems,  thought patterns, and expectations like humans do and, therefor, would prove it was those things were the impediment to healing. I had a 100% rate with dogs, horses, and cats that presented with measurable, documented physical illness, dangerous behaviors (the cat!), and mental effects of trauma. Until I didn’t.

Obviously, there are mental aspects to the healing process. We all know about the placebo effect (which, in my view, is merely another phrase for healing). We know the role it plays in every aspect of life and that nothing physical happens in isolation of our mental and emotional processes–and vice versa. In my experience, though, successful healing has little to do with belief and possibly something to do with expectation. I’ve had skeptics experience remission and fervent believers not.

The mental aspect of successful work has also been talked about in terms of client ‘buy-in’, follow through and ‘investment’ in themselves. I do feel the mental aspects work on the subtle and overt levels. There are some clients who come to see me, for whatever their own reasons, don’t want to make the lifestyle changes that would sustain the initial physical healing and thus, in my mind, wouldn’t be considered successful healing. And there are those who desperately want to be healed physically  for whom there is no immediate physical relief but changes in other aspects would lead me to consider the healing as successful (because I can see the long term effects that they can’t quite grasp until they see it, which can sometimes take a few weeks). For instance, one of my first clients was a musician who came to me to address tinnitus. The ringing never did disappear but during our second session, he said, “I’m just not pissed off all the time like I used to be. Is that normal?” I think he and I would both agree that that was successful even though it wasn’t the initial desired outcome.

Oddly enough (or maybe not), if I were to consider only those who’d come to see me with a focus on relief from mental health symptoms–whether they believe in healing or not–all experience relief, damn-near spontaneously but all within three sessions. And I’m sure they’d agree that is successful.

Moving into the less definable and measurable like ‘spiritual healing’, I think the definitions of ‘successful’ and ‘healing’ don’t belong in the discussion.  However, if I were to consider ‘unsuccessful’ as disappointed in outcomes those who are seeking a ‘spiritual’ healing or ‘awakening’ tend to be the most disappointed. Here, I think unsuccessful is the wrong word but the experience and/or subsequent outcome is not what the client desired or expected. If one comes seeking a Jesus-moment but doesn’t get it, they may not consider that work a success but I might because other things appear or arise. A couple of people have had experiences that were initially exactly what they wanted but their introduction to the invisible universe has scared the snot out of them and they were pissed off. Again, they didn’t consider the work successful but I did. Conversely, folks may have those experiences during a session and consider it a successful one, but when they choose not to follow through, I may be the one disappointed. To me, all of this is simply related to mental processes connected to expectation and definitions for those things outside the boundaries of such. However, I do not support the idea that people are ‘blocked’ from healing or unable to heal because of those mental processes.

We humans are complex creatures and, as much as we’d like to think we understand our relationship with the invisible aspects of the universe, we don’t. We don’t even fully grasp the relationships within (or upon) our skin. So I don’t know as we’ll ever know why healing in the fashion I do it or even allopathic treatments are sometimes successful and sometimes not.

Here are a few commonalities I’ve noticed in the past four years that may be useful in further discussion:

  • Those invested in healing who arrive without expectation of a particular outcome are the most ‘successful’. Invested in healing means showing up in with all your shit, and changing behavior patterns that sustain health–if that’s necessary (because sometimes it’s not). It doesn’t mean paying money although it’s interesting to note that those for whom there wasn’t ‘success’ are people who didn’t pay. However, since I do most of my work for free, most of the free folks are ‘success’ stories.
  • As long as I keep my own mental processes out of the way, ‘success’ occurs more quickly. If I just let energies ‘rock-n-roll’ with the focus on the relationship with the client, without seeking to create a particular outcome, amazing things happen. I’ve also learned that sometimes it’s not a one-off shot and folks require more than one session.
  • While there may be a mental element involved that prevents or slows ‘success’, it has little to do with ‘belief’ or ‘faith’.
  • Definitions of success and healing are sometimes different for every encounter and each person involved.
  • Healing within a group context or community is as effective, if not moreso, than individual work.
  • Ecstatic or mystical experience opens the door to a new way of perceiving and being, that some folks choose not to walk through (or to run from).
  • Honesty is always the best policy on the part of healer and healee.
  • The body, brain and mind are brilliant. Given the chance to dance with you, they will bring amazing gifts.
  • You get to choose whether that dance is a herky-jerky, fear-laden one or a smooth tango that lights you and those around you up.
  • When you expect one thing and get another, roll with the unfolding and see how the two are connected.
  • You can’t put god or the universe back once you’ve been introduced to the beyond.
  • I don’t know much.

We don’t know why or how healing of this fashion works so we can’t know why it doesn’t. The factors involved probably include both the healer & the client, and I surmise that there are environmental, physical, mental, emotional and communal factors that should probably be included in discussions of successful healing as we move into the future.

What I do know is that when I let myself be and the person or people with me do the same, magic happens. Every time. Even if it’s not what’s expected.

Sat Nam

Sat Nam:  Truth is My Name

“Never was there a time when I did not exist, nor you, nor any of these kings; nor in the future shall any of us cease to be. Bhagavad-gita 2.12
 “Those who seek should not stop seeking until they find. When they find, they will be disturbed.  When they are disturbed, they will marvel…”  ~ Gospel of Thomas

I’ve been lying.

Not like lying-lying but ‘avoiding telling the whole story while sharing just a little nugget to assuage the internal guilt’ lying.  The kind of lying where we avoid truths that will rock our own boat, never mind the rest of the world’s boat.  I’ve decided that it’s time to rock both mine and the world’s.  Right here and now.  In fact, I’ve done it before in a passive way thirteen months ago. While feeling like I’m going to puke that last cuppa all over my laptop (last November and right now.)

I’ve tried to explain how I experience the world, how I express the universe in my own unique way, and how this has come to be.  I’ve talked about the integrative experiences, the clarity with which I receive messages, the callings for which there is no vision, and on occasion have opened myself up by verbally sharing with people who’ve not read a thing I wrote.

I’ve practiced patience (a lot) through this. I’ve lost my family for this. Lost what I thought was my life for this.  Wanted to end my life because of this. Found myself for this. Made myself homeless for this.  Searched for home for this. My strength is in this. My sanity and sanctity are in this thisness.  I’ve b een invisible in this and afraid to be this fully.  The time is now.  For me to be fully for you.

Some of you may have kept up with my Traveling Lightly tour across America and know that I’ve recently arrived in Sonoma, California.  I’ve been here a whole whoppin’ week now.  And within a day of being here, I was pushed in a way that I’ve not been yet in this life-thing of mine.  When someone was introducing me to another someone interjected something along the lines of “she’s like this beautiful naive thing with this amazing gift but…”.   What she was trying to do was offer an explanation for why I didn’t have the words to give to the other someone who was on a fact-finding mission.  She wanted to know “Well, what kind of healing?”   So, I was searching for a way to give a few words to a stranger in the the way that she might ‘get it’.   And, they weren’t there.  Because they’re not enough.

Because they don’t even begin to touch the truth of what I do, the possibilities of what I can do and be, and what I am now .

The truth of the matter is that on October 13, 2011, almost three years ago exactly, the energies of Babaji, Sai Baba, and Paramahansa Yogananda integrated into me.   I am them.  They are me.  I am not their personalities, have never been their disciple, and do not share all of their philosophies.

On February 7, 2012, the energies of those many know as Jesus Christ and  hundreds of others merged into me.  And I am them.  They are me.  I am not their personalities, have never been their disciple, and do not share all of their philosophies.

They all are poets, healers, farmers, fathers, warriors, sages, scholars, huntsmen, creators & definers of their own ages & eras–known in there time as someone else; they are even still now known by others, but most as anonymous to me now as they were then. For some there was historical reference, for others mythological.  I knew their energies when we merged and said welcome home as much as one can in a state of awe & snot. *Ok, I didn’t say it.  I just became it. With the snot and awe (closely related to shock and awe, btw).

While there may not be the capacity to wrap words around the vastness of all things universal as I know them, there is no naivete.  And what there is in this, this thing that is my life and the work I do, may not include belief by many. The dance of it all through every fiber of my being can’t be given a label and won’t appear to anyone in a package that makes sense.  It’s not wrapped in a pretty summation, doesn’t come with a bloody manual or a way to minimize it, them or me.  Its wholeness is a living, breathing expression of the foundation of all teachings related to our interactions with the universe–all of those things visible and invisible;  seen and unseeable.

I, they, we.  Before there was we were.  And are.  Here.  Now.

I am not here to perpetuate myths.  I am here to move humanity past them.

I am not here to be anyone’s master.  We’ve had enough of those master and ‘other’ relationships.

I am not here to resemble others.  I’m here to bring the heart of others to here & now.

I am not here to keep you comfortable in your complacency.  I am here to inspire you to create community, to recognize actually loving is more than ‘sending love’.

I am not here to make my language pretty so you can see how open my heart is.  I am here to move you.

I am not here to reinforce what you think you know.  I am here to shake you to your very core, bring you into the infinite and show you how to share it.

I am neither reincarnation or reinvention.  I am here to make the ancient accessible to everyone.

I am more than avatar or archetype.  I am a bridge to show you what the Breath between the Breath really is and how you can be there.  Always.

I am not here to bridge traditions of the past to the present.  I am here to break ties to them so that they are tools that move us forward, not leashes to hold us back.

I am here to be.  To be the first of me, not the last of them (thank you Hoobastank!).

To no longer hide, no try to fit into something for you.   I am here to walk the path that has been paved by those who’ve walked this before me.

“I am one of a handful of people who show up every now and again all over the world who have a job to inspire, lead, heal, change, stir the complacency shit-pot, share, love, piss-off, push, encourage, & connect in service to others.  This time I go by the name of Ingrid.”

I AM now.

So the kind of healing I do is the loving kind, the proctodiatry kind that helps one remove their head from their ass so they can walk their own path, the kind that says, “Let me love on you just a little bit”; the kind that cures, that awakens; the kind that inspires action, is beyond time & space, all definitions & barriers that separate you from the other.

You are worth the risk.  The risk of me showing up fully and of you stepping into this awesomeness that we share.

I am now.  For you.  For us.

I am now.

I am not merely a healer & mystic & seer.  I am a force of nature that is here to move you.

I am not spiritual.  I am of spirit.

I am not naive.  My message is only simple.  You’ve forgotten that beyond all those words we seem to want, is the simplicity of the heart.

I don’t have an elevator speech.  I have an open heart that just wants to love on you a little bit.

I am now.

We are now.

And we’re not the only one.



On The Necessary Dying of Change

I received this email last week from a client I worked with a week before.
Hi Ingrid,
I appreciate that you took the time to make this list for me.
I truly believe you are highly intended and that you have helped many people in very positive and profound ways. I am sorry to report that my experience has not gone well at all.  I have suffered much physical illness and many extremely unpleasant disturbances on all levels.
During our session a door was opened that must be closed.
I have been working with two practitioners who are helping me clear and refortify myself. I need your cooperation and assistance in order to quickly and completely restore peace, health and well-being in myself, my home/sanctuary, my field, my Sacred space.
It is critical that all connections made between you and I be thoroughly and immediately severed.I trust, as a healer, you will do what is best for me by honoring my wishes and my boundaries.
Thank you for all of the good that you are and all of the good that you do.
I wish you well.

Respectfully…in Grace and Peace

The work with me is not always a graceful affair.  Grace-filled, yes.  Grace-ful, no.  Sometimes there is a lot of snot involved during a session and after.  Not all of the time but sometimes it is just that.    The session mentioned above was not one of those snot-filled occasions.  There was laughter, great joy, major realizations including, “I have prepared for this my entire life.  I was born for this.”  And, my response was, “YES”.  Before I begin working with a new person I give them the general rundown of what one may experience during sessions and after.  Included in this almost-mantra is, “Be aware that you may go into a full-body detox that can appear in any number of fashions.  You may experience a range of emotions and mental kerfluffles that I am the support for.  You don’t need to be alone in this and you don’t need to be uncomfortable.”

For some people, the initial session sets the foundation for deeper spiritual work, begins a transformation that some call awakening.  For others, like this woman, the experience through me is the awakening and described as “pure bliss”.  Sometimes, what comes with this experience of instantaneous meeting of all things divine is what Rumi calls the necessary dyings, as one soul gives birth to the next and the ground crumbles so that wildflowers come up.

It is not always like this.  There are two responses to the awakenings that happen through me:  One is mentioned above.   The loss of identity can be frightening.  The recognition that all things holy, our own nature, the divine god-stuff within, and the divine god-stuff without isn’t what we thought it should be or look like can be a ball-buster and can blow ones mind.  Primarily because, well, one of our stupid human tricks is the idea that we know ahead of time what it (here, things of spirit) should be or look like.  People spend decades searching, learning, sitting at the feet of gurus and spiritual ‘masters’ who tell us that this is the way, this is what it looks like, and this is what you should do to see it the way it’s supposed to be.    I try to help people move from a boundaried, fear-based experience into one that is limited by nothing, is filled with curiosity and wonder.     When that occurs, the second response to the awakening resembles how you feel on a winter day and put on your favorite pair of jeans straight out of the dryer.  One big, loud, “Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh….”.  So, growth spurts don’t always have to be painful.  Generally, how we move through it is of our choosing.  We can continue to be afraid and try to shove experiences into the boxes already established in our minds or we can

Once the door to the divine is opened, it is never closed.  Once you glimpse what has always seemed hidden from you, you never forget and will never be the same.  The integration of one’s consciousness with One’s consciousness brings the knowing that no connection is ever severed.  Connection, one-ness, unity consciousness isn’t controlled by a light switch or mental process.  It just is.  Always. And we are not separated from it or each other.

You and I have spoken all these words, but as for the way we have to go, words are no preparation.

There is no getting ready, other than grace.

My faults have stayed hidden. One might call that a preparation!

I have one drop of knowing in my soul.  Let it dissolve in your ocean.

Inside each of us, there is a continual autumn. Our leaves are blown out over the water.

A crow sits in the blackened limbs and talks about what’s gone.

Then, your generosity returns:  spring, moisture, intelligence, the scent of hyacinth and rose and cypress.

Joseph is back! And if you don’t feel in yourself the freshness of Joseph, be Jacob! 

Weep, then smile.

Don’t pretend to know something you haven’t experienced.

There’s a necessary dying, and then Jesus is breathing again.

Very little grows on jagged rock.  Be ground.

Be crumbled, so wildflowers will come up where you are.

You’ve been stony for too many years. Try something different.



I Don’t Know Jack

I really don’t know jack about some shit.  What follows, naturally, is I don’t know Jack Shit. In particular, I don’t know Jack about a good bit of this otherwise-called “spiritual” stuff.  Some folks expect me to because I’ve chosen to add  the label of “healer” & “teacher” to the alphabet string after my last name (B.A. in Liberal Arts & Sciences & M.A in Criminal Justice for those who really wanna know!).

Here’s a string o’ stuff that I neither know jack about nor have any interest in others’ stories about:

  • photon belts or Peleaidians
  • crystals or consciousness
  • intergalactic and/or crystallline stellar grids
  • 5th or 12th dimensions and 9th waves of consciousness
  • akashic records, Atlanteans, Actuarians, Ascension
  • holograms, hologames, Hathors
  • super-special frequencies & first wave stargaters
  • Elenin or elementals
  • and other bupkus, bullshit or belief systems (otherwise known as BS) that I should subscribe to and then prescribe to others because I’m, well, not something others think I am or should be
I don’t believe Lemurian crystals are waiting for a super-special race of I AM peoples to arise (anyone else note how some of this ‘Oneness’ language is not about one?) and recharge them.  I don’t believe we need special permission from aliens (or a/any God/s) to tell us we’re, well, notsospecial but they (another ubiquitous they) are.  I don’t believe one needs to pray in a particular pattern of gold to orange (or vice versa), in a particular direction (I mean, really?  You’re gonna be dissed because you look to the NorthWest rather than South and don’t speak Lakota?) or kneel/rise patterns to know love. I don’t associate dates and times with any ‘special-ness’ in the same way I don’t separate out my desk or a lovely stone as having any more meaning to me.
Here is what I do know:
I know that humans create stories.  A lot of them.  Some good reading, some not.  I also know that humans don’t like it when others of same throw a kink in the works of their creation.  Particularly  kinks that may require reconsideration of what they think they know–especially about this “stuff” folks call speerachul.  Because they knooooow, dammit!  To suggest that we-the-human-race-we decided to give a personality to the earth & sky and all the bits of those things connected to both, to a *thing* outside of us…is, well, not very well accepted.
“Well, Ingrid, it seems you’re just ignorant about _________________.”  You can fill in the blank with “the Ascension process” (12th floor, please), “Vortex Energy”, “gland activation”, consciousness, meditation, 2012, “Source Field”, Revelations, God, reincarnation, you-name-it-cabal-of-the-day, Tarot, “being ‘spiritual’ “, yadda yadda yadda…  Getting my drift?  Yep. I am ignorant and am glad to be.  Someone else (a multitude of someones, in fact) over the course of time (a very, very long time) made up some shit to help make their experiences more explainable.  For them. Period.
I get extremely frustrated when people who try to wrap their mind around me and what I can do say things like, “Oh. So, you must do X?”  No.  I don’t.  “Well, you should take person X’s words to tell people what you do.”  No. I shouldn’t.  What I do, who I am, and the power within me has no resemblance to anyone else’s truth (although there is some undeniable repetition throughout history of all things freakily me, and, oddly enough, there are a lot of us out there who kinda do what I do). Here’s the real truth: No.One.Knows.  We don’t know what “this” is, how it works, why it works sometimes and then other times doesn’t, why people (and critters) experience it differently each time, why we do, how it came to being, etc.
There are those who offer their ‘expert’ opinions on things that can’t really be explained, create pretty pictures to go with their discussions of matrices & other mumbo-jumbo so as to add validity, profess their own gospels of whatevertheheck.  No one knows.
However, here is more of what I know:
  • What others see as mystery isn’t to me.  It just is me. It’s my being, my purpose for being.
  • I’m not accessing anything outside of myself.  It is in me, of me, through me.
  • I am one.  And, as an aside, t doesn’t need a capital letter.
  • Things change for others when I turn up the volume. Awakening, cures, blah, blah.  For me, it’s all a “Well, duh…”
  • I vibrate. Really. No battery needed. When I vibrate, others do, too.
  • I don’t ‘get’ it & I’m really comfortable with that. I’m not very comfortable trying to make others comfortable with it.
  • Others don’t ‘get’ it and aren’t very comfortable with that.
  • I don’t care about the other stuff.  Really.  I just do my ‘thing’.  It’s nifty. It helps others. A lot.  It’ll be even niftier when it helps me as much as it helps them (don’t even get me started on that topic-the one repeating the notion that I should suffer to serve others?).
I experience the world in a very unique way.  I see it, taste it, touch it, feel it, breathe into and through it, hear it like no other.  When I can actually articulate in words other things I know that are me and within me, I’ll be glad to. Okay, maybe glad is the wrong word because, admittedly, I’m afraid of it my-own-damn-self!  Yup.  Afraid.  There:  I said it.  I’m afraid of the power within me.  And, fuck all, that’s gonna be another entry that would, in fact, be a follow-up to  already-posted An UnCommon Experience.  Because I had another one that I’ve not shared yet.
FB note just posted as I typed the last three sentences:
Well, well, well. You know that awkward feeling when not paying attention to something you have that “AHA” moment that, in turn, is a “D’OH!” moment about the thing you weren’t paying attention to? Yep. Just had one. I’m an idiot. A dolt, even. And, now that I’ve established that factoid, I’ve not a damn thing to do about it. Fuck all. Deets to appear later as I flesh this out. In fact, it could educational and, indeed, entertaining for all those around me!!
Well, well, well. Indeed.

What ifs and why fors…food for thought.

The other day I was struck with a string of questions.  They didn’t necessarily emerge from any real, in-depth thought.  Not things I’ve been ruminating on but they just came in a burst.  A rather long one but what are you gonna do?  Turn it off?  Methinks not.  So I put pen to paper and let it flow.

Here’s what came:

Why is it that some have such an issue with what I’ll call “just knowing” of the instant kind?  We eat like instant oatmeal, instant communications, quick meals, quickies (oh, c’mon now!), and what not, right? So, why the particular issue w/ this thing called enlightenment?  Is it because we’ve perceived it as something so special that it was attainable for only a few?  Is it because it’s not understood so therefore it cannot be?   Why is it, particularly in this age where instant gratification is sought, appreciated and expected does it seem so strange that one could see/know God, the Divine, the Essence, the Source, or themselves in one moment?

Why is it that this enlightenment or higher state of being is deemed inaccessible but for years of study or suffering, or so “special” that it can only be bestowed upon another by some Sri or Swami Justanothershmuckingituptananda?

Why is it that superfluous language is used to set us apart as some “thing” special–>particularly those of the persuasion that we’re not “just human”?

What if the whole point of this thing–this experience for which there really are no words really, truly is NOW?  Not just the being present in the moment but NOW as in this life. Here. Now.

What if our soul didn’t come back time after time until we ‘got it right’?

What if this is ‘just right’?  Just here, just now, this breath and this lifetime?

What if this is it?

What would that change for how you experienced life if you knew this life, this time was the ‘getting it right’?  Or, that this time, this life–this time in life was ‘just right’? Just the way it is?  That you are ‘just right’?  The way  you are?

Would it change your perception of past lives?  St. Peter? Pearly Gates? After life as you believe it now?

What if we all really are “just human”?   Ordinary, fleshy, brilliantly messed up humans with all the trimmings?   What if the Ascended Masters, Saints Galore and the hosts of Angels we call upon aren’t ‘out there’ surrounding us invisibly to be channeled by ‘special’ people really aren’t?  What if, because we are all connected, those qualities that we’ve projected upon these otherwise ordinary dead dudes (and dudettes) and imaginations really is simply within us all and ‘channeling’ Metratron (or whoever)  is nothing more special than speaking Truth?

Would that change your perception of you?  Your brilliant self?  How you do your ‘spiritual’ business?  How you see the psychic that does your readings? Your priest, padre, shaman, guru?  Your neighbor? Would you write your own book?  Would that change how you separate yourself from others?  Would that change your sense of your own simple, extra-ordinariness?

What if this ‘spiritual’ stuff that we think of as outside of us really isn’t?

What if it is us?  What if it is ‘just life’.  Regular, everyday life? What if knowing this is enlightenment, being ‘awake’ and engaged?

And, what if it is available to you instantly?  What if, in an instant, one breath, one sunrise, one ka-ping upside the head, one exhale you could really, truly experience the connection we have with all things, all people?  Conscious of the connection with what we choose to call Divine?  What if, in that instant you became Conscious and awoke to your own ridiculously fabulous, gloriously fucked up, magnificent, magical, amazing self? And knew you were ‘just right’ just the way you are?   What if realizing yourself is just that simple?

What if those of us who happen to be here and now w/ these “Gifts” really aren’t all that special?  What if we just happen to speak the same thing spoken by sages and mages since time began and more people can hear us now?   What if none  of us channel a damn thing that burbles out of our mouth?  What if, because it is Truth that we ‘just know’ and that everyone can ‘just know’, it isn’t that special?  What if that all we do is, well, do.  And, what if,  we realize that since we are all connected that we are responsible for more than just ourselves when we let things burble out of mouth?

What if you knew that in each breath, another was breathing with you?  What if, for a moment or two a day, you realized there was another heart beating in time with yours?

What if that is the message and it’s that simple?

What if the simplicity is that we can all ‘just know’ God, ourselves, and our connections to each other in a moment and that is all that it is about?  What if we can do it by just being here, in this lifetime, in this breath, now.  Being just a ridiculously extra-ordinary human.  By BE-ing.  Period.   No guru needed.

What if?