In whose name?

When we use 'in Jesus name' to pray, bless, heal, beg or excoriate, we are negating the root of his teaching: the importance of the relationship with each other. He did not want us to develop a relationship with him. He wanted people to develop open-hearted relationships with each other. To see and feel each other as... Continue Reading →

Lenten Season assistance

For many, the 40 days leading to Easter have long been set aside for fasting, prayer, atonement and self-denial. These tools that have been used to remind believers of the power of repentance, to help create a reminder of the suffering of Jesus and, through, that a greater understanding of the sacrifice he made for others.... Continue Reading →

A Year of Traveling Lightly

Fifty thousand miles of Spirit-Guided Miracles & Magic I go to seek a Great Perhaps. ~ François Rabelais Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow. ~ Anita Desai The past twelve months have been the most daunting, miraculous, heart-breaking, inspiring, exhilarating and exhausting.  They have left me a to-the-marrow tired that I've never... Continue Reading →

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