Simplify, simplify, simplify

A couple of weeks ago, I had a chat with a lovely lady. She has a significant belly issue that interferes with life-stuff.

After we talked for a bit, she said her belly was making all sorts of noise, like it was talking to her. I asked her to ask it what it was saying.

She said, “less—but that’s not quite the word.  It’s saying simplify, simplify, simplify.”

Then she proceeded to talk about how she and the family had discussed what it would be like to declutter, downsize and move.

In following her belly’s lead here, ‘simplify’ is actually simple. If one’s belly is saying ‘simplify’ it’s probably a pretty good indication it’s not talking about the state of the kitsch and clutter.

Paying attention to what our body tells us is one way this healing thing is simple. It knows what it needs. If we ask and then pay attention, it’ll tell us how to help it heal.



Healers as Channels

A Response to Responses

Several folks have responded to my I’ve Cured Cancer post with a variation of: “I’m just a channel of universal energy that…”

One of the reasons I don’t subscribe to that aspect of teaching is because it intentionally limits the relationships between the practitioner and client, practitioner and their responsibility, as well as the recognition of their own power, and, equally important-in my opinion-the relationship between human & cosmic energies and the relationship to one’s ownfineself.

Unless we’re willing to consider that our plumber, electrician, landscaper, artist, architect, professor, parking lot attendant, washing machine repair man, and physicians are all ‘merely channeling universal energy’, I’m not one to use that as an explanation.

That there is a separate and singular ‘universal’ energy or super/supra/consciousness that merely moves through us healer types discounts any notion that, at the very heart of it all, is that healing doesn’t happen without engaging and nurturing a relationship between human heart and human heart.  If it didn’t we’d be superfluous.

There is a reason why, in many indigenous cultures, a healer spends decades learning both from a teacher, within community and in solitary connection to things universal. It is to study how to be responsible for the development of the relationships with human, plant, spirit, elemental and other universal energies, as well as, a key element forgotten in our attempt to commercialize this kind of work, the relationship with elements of the self.

Do we work in partnership with everything around us? If we’re doing it openly, yes. Absolutely yes. Our role, though, is not as a channel for something else to do the work. We do the work.

The first dog with osteosarcoma I worked on was this galoot of a mutt. I had to visit with him three times. The second time I was there, I’m not quite sure what came over me. The need to impress his owner, my own fear of failure. Whatever it was led me to start asking for St. Francis to show up, for any other umpteen whoevers I’d read about to show up.. The singular voice that responded said this: “Just shut up and do it.”  There was no Nike-like fuzziness in the direction given. There was a demand for action.

There is a difference between what I call getting out of my own way (shutting up and doing the work) so that what occurs is a relational flow outside of thought processes and telling myself to let something else do the work. I’d have never done it for a math test or pre-sentence investigation and wouldn’t dream of doing it with a person I work with.

When I”m working, I’m often in the body of another; feeling it, listening to what it has to say. where things within it are resistant. In response to what it tells me, I noodge, pull, love on, and yank as needed. When I open myself to everything the body in front of me has to say, I feel the fear trapped in thighs that have been forced open again and again. I feel the desperate need for affection held in the liver. I feel the lineage connected to traumas that have repeated on auto-pilot for generations and release those ties that bind. I feel the sacral and solar plexuses have been locked in a trauma state for decades and can release it. I feel the guilt of self-love that has morphed into self-loathing and can guide through that.  What I feel intuitively and intellectually and then do with all that information for the person or people in front of me is my responsibility, not that of the ‘universe’ as it moves through me or afterward.

However, in the same way I have the capacity to ask a human for help, I can ask other invisible energies (Kathryn Kulhman may pop in or someone’s great-grandmother may join),  or I can pull in the energy of a plant that’s needed, or I can accordion out and have more than one me participate.

The evolution of the healing arts being taught as a form of channeling may have come from a well-minded instructor attempting to move students past identification with ego. Possibly, probably, but we’ll never really know.  Sometimes, even now, that may be part of a teachers plan.  But it has become rote in a way that wouldn’t make sense in any other profession or way of being.

Those who name it and claim it—their role, their responsibilities related to that in both the care and community—have different outcomes than those who don’t. It’s worth experimenting with yourself to find out what kind of difference that makes in your practice. It tends to broaden the awareness of all things universal, creates space for creativity, and a deeper connection to those spaces in between.

It’s been asserted on more than one occasion that healers who claim success are egotistical. Clearly some are. However because their gift itself provides not just relief but  cures and more isn’t what makes them egotistic. The two are separate issues and worth reflecting upon and discussing more.

That’s my two bits.


Q & A of the day: Who is Your Teacher?


And the energies within and around me.

And experience.

And the wind.

And the ground.

And poetry.

And spirits of those who’ve come before.

And Dean Koontz.

And people I love.

And people I don’t love.

And fire. The kind that burns within and burns the without.

And music.

And clouds.

And my body. All bodies.

And trees.

And my Tater.

And Ms. Gibson.


Why are your sessions three hours long?

I’m not quite sure when the idea that healing should occur in an hour came from.  But, to quote someone I really don’t like, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

Healing takes more time than popping a pill.  It doesn’t happen when it’s shoved in between soccer games, the nail salon, and mowing the grass.  Sometimes it actually takes time.  When someone can actively say “I don’t have time for that” then I’m not the right fit.  And they’re not really ready to be healed.  It doesn’t matter if they don’t believe, if they’re afraid to feel healthy and whole (or wholly different) or aren’t desperate enough.  They’re just not ready.

Me sending someone back out into the world after merely an hour is like handing someone a birthday cake that hadn’t even gone into the oven.  In fact, in one session (mostly), we’ve only just begun creating the mix.

So, please, clobber the clock.  The universe doesn’t work from an insurance office, therapist’s calendar, or bankers hours.

Are you ready?

But, Ingrid…

“If we’re not actually absorbing other people’s shit, how is it those empaths have all those illnesses?”

Well, honey, I am so glad you asked!  This is where the rubber meets the road.  It doesn’t go far at this point but it’s hit the road.

Consider, at least for the time you are reading this, that all things are energy.  Some of you have heard the adage or described your interactions with people as ‘like moths to a flame’.  Often energies, particularly those associated with other people, really do make their way to us like those leetle moths–and they bounce around us just like the moths do the backdoor light.  They do so for attention, recognition, and sometimes release.  Just as our own energies do.  What happens when we don’t pay attention, recognize or release?  The brain and body begin to act like a three year old in the candy aisle.  You know you’ve been there–tired, overwhelmed by regular life stuff, then funky-ass energetic crap is being annoying and then you put on your crankypants, right?

Most of us have spent years conditioned physically, mentally & emotionally to be comfortable in the form of what I call ‘all turtled up’.   Whether that has been in response to trauma exposure, energetic overload, or critical incidents where we’ve been taught not to feel or threatened if we do, the effect is the same.  We effectively move as if hardened and hidden (or hiding), consciously and unconsciously.  And all the while, energy is still making its way to us.  It’s not bouncing off the turtle shell, eggshell, psychedelic bubble, or super shield or waiting patiently for you to have a better day.  It sees you, knows you can see it and it wants to be seen.  (It’s hard to not anthropomorphize energies and I’m going to do so here to help separate the notions of energies associated with humans and those that I consider something akin to inanimate).

The energies or aspects of others that are seeking attention are effecting us.  Take a second to imagine every hair on your body being a receptor, a little satellite dish,  that is receiving invisible information.  Every single hair = satellite dish.  The unaware empath’s brain & body is constantly attempting to assess that information.  It wants to know what to do with it.  It knows what to do with visual information, tactile data, musical vibration, stinky smells & yummy tastes but it doesn’t know what to do with what it can’t see, say, taste, touch, or hear.

When we spend decades both turtled up and not paying attention to energies received without teaching the body & brain how to respond, our systems have one sure-fire way to get our attention when they get overloaded.  We begin to feel it, really feel it when we’re exhibiting symptoms of something.  Migraines, malaise, muscles…our body will announce quite clearly we’re not paying attention to it & the things effecting it.  There’s the Exedrin, arnica and epsom salts to begin with.  Followed by a myriad of doctor’s visits which are, invariably, accompanied by potential diagnoses.  And commentary often resembles something like this: “Well, your tests results show xyz within the normal range but because you are exhibiting symptoms of abc, we’re going to prescribe you 123.”

The power of myths about the nature of empaths is such that when we associate these energies of others with ‘taking on’ of same, we feed our own fears: of feeling, of expressing what we feel, of responsibility for others (or, gasp!, ourselves), of engaging with others, of not knowing what to do.   For those intimate with the stupid human trick of ‘fixing everything’, the physical, mental and emotional responses are compounded and can feel overwhelming.   And there is a lot of energy out there, kids.  Lots.  I mean, hello, seven point five billion people on the planet generate a lot of energy without flipping a light switch. So when we ‘protect’ ourselves by creating imaginary and ineffective ways to barricade ourselves from those energies we’re creating a maelstrom of suck that we will drown in.

We can easily, with a little work, teach our systems how to do this empath thing.  Retraining the mind and body to know what’s ‘just’ noise & static instantaneously,  what is none of our business within less than a breath, and when to engage is a simple process.  And it begins with basic awareness of energies outside of yourself & how your systems respond to it.  To become aware of those intricacies you must be able to detach from the fear of feeling.

We have another silly habit of connecting how we are going to feel with how things did feel.  We take a memory of how we’ve felt in the past & our emotional responses to the memory in the present and connect that to a perceived future event.  When that happens, we’ve lost sight of what a) is really happening and b) the real potential of the future event.  So to arrive at the point where moving through and engaging with the invisible is as easy as drawing breath requires us to delve or dive into our own interior.   We need to know ourselves intimately–with openness, honesty, a touch of humor & lack of hubris.   It requires some nikkedness so that we may clearly see ourselves. When that happens, the clarity with which we see the rest of the world and all of it’s layers is astonishing, awesome, inspiring and, get this:  easy.

And, as a minor edit and addition:  being honest with yourself, knowing yourself, feeling and expressing emotions past & present is, get this: easy.  It is absolutely not the monster you’ve created in your head & heart all this time.  Seriously.  Easy.  Sure, there might be some snot but you’re just as likely to laugh until you pee yourself with relief as you are to cry in catharsis.



Is remote energetic work effective?

A few days ago, I received an email related to the upcoming Empowered Empath class.  Tanya asked, “I guess the only question I have is- whether the energy work is as effective over Skype as it is in person? Do you feel that it is?”

My response was this:  “Remote work is just as effective (if not more so in some cases) as in-person work.”  That said, when we do remote ‘energetic’ work, there is no technology involved.  I find the use of it when doing energetic work like a leash.  So we connect etherically and no one is tethered to phone, speakers, video, etc.”

When I do remote work, it’s just like being with someone physically and often they can feel me physically–hands on head or heart, rubbing their back, patting their head.  I use the same intensity of focus (often more because I, too, can get distracted when the client isn’t with me.   And I move.  A lot.  I often dance around in the same manner I do when bringing Love on Fire to folks.  It often resembles something akin to a head-bobbing, dervish-twirling, energy-conducting voodoo priestess.  So being tethered to a camera or computer really confines me.

Sometimes remote work really is more effective than in-person work.  Those that are afraid to be truly open–open-hearted, open-minded, open emotionally, wide-freaking-open when around people often can do so in the comfort of their own home and pajamas surrounded by their cats.

That said, I actually prefer hands-on work.  Because, for me, this work is about about relationship.  It may be only three hours at a shot but, for many, it’s the most intimate they’ve ever had.  For me, the magic that happens, the ‘real’ opening that occurs when my physical hand touches someone’s heart (or hips or knees or belly or feet or ears or head or back or…) cannot be duplicated remotely.

And, although people have tangible, worldview-shifting experiences remotely, in my opinion (based solely on what I’m told) they aren’t necessarily implemented in the same fashion (if at all) as if they are coached through interpretations, guided through their own messages and mental/bodily responses as can happen when we are face to face.

As far as I know people I’ve worked with remotely have had visitations of yours truly but haven’t had the transformative (if folks choose to transform with it, btw) physical & visual interactions with Jesus or Manasa or Running Rabbit or folks from their lineages.  I know they’ve (okay, only one person) experienced a string of multiple orgasms as a form of released sexual trauma for themselves and a string of matrilineal women.  But, since I’m not with them, I’m not sure if it’s a full-on-let’s-get-pentacostal-up-in-here bodily release of trauma or just a ‘regular ol” popping off of something specific.  I do know that knees & hips have no longer needed surgery, suicidality has vanished, shoulders can be used again, eyesight (and foresight) have improved, ulcers have healed, urinary tract infections disappeared, kidney stones & breast lumps have dissolved.

And, usually, when I work with people remotely, it’s easier for them to ditch their own responsibility, disengage from the work, and otherwise not follow through–particularly if the work is given for free.   When that happens I just wait for them to return.

Either way, remotely or within physical proximity here’s what this sometimes feels like.  Please give me and yourself the courtesy of closing other open tabs & windows, then connect to your breath and click play.


Question o’ the day: Are you Reiki trained?

Today’s question is from an email received last night.

DM wrote: “Are you reiki trained? What us your academic training. I am reiki 2 but would never make claims that you do”  (Yes, it’s unedited).

My response: Nope. I’m not reiki (or any other modality) trained.  This was a gift that pretty much fell into my lap about four years ago  during a a Quantum Touch class of all things.  I never took another class.  (Skip to the bottom to read my academics!)

How I ended up in that freakin’ class was not by desire.  I mean, when you get right down to it, obviously we get to make choices.  Sometimes life really is like Burger King. But going to this blasted Quantum Touch class was part of something much larger going on around me that I could not ignore and not much room was left for choosing anything else.

The nutshell version of the string of events went something like this:

When I left my former husband in Denver and landed in Virginia, there were a series of extraordinary events that included ghostly & angelic visitations, poltergeist activity, people seeing St. Michael around me, visions, and other psychic-spiritual activity that made me sit up and take notice.  And, at some point, while all this stuff was going on around me, I must have found an Oprah list or something that said, “To be spiritual, you must read these books” or something like that.  So I bought books.  Gobs of books. Shelves of books. I’d get through a few pages and say, “that’s not it.” Muddle through a few chapters and think, “Nope.”  I spent so much money on Amazon while supplying local thrift stores and the library, it wasn’t even funny.

One of those books happened to be Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon.  What was funny (in the interesting but not ha-ha kinda way) is that I don’t remember ordering that book. It certainly isn’t on any ‘must have spiritual read’ list that I know of.  It just happened to land in my mailbox.  I read it…sorta.  What I really mean is I skipped through it, said hmmmm a couple of times, wondered why it landed in said mailbox and tossed it on the coffee table.

Three days later an acquaintance popped by the house to return a sweater she’d mended for me.  She saw the book, looked at me and said, “A friend of mine is having a class on that this weekend.”  D’OH!!   A bouncing, flashing red universal ball if there ever was one.  One that couldn’t be ignored.  Again, sure, I had the choice to ignore that fucking ball. It’s one of the really nifty things about being all grow’d up, that option to choose how we like it (yes, I’ve got BK on the brain).  But I’d also learned the hard way what can happen when you ignore the obvious being brought to you on a platter.

So, my unemployed ass wrote out a check for $250 and went to the bloody class.  The blue streak from my front door to the instructor’s front door was twenty miles long.  I grumbled and cursed.  I wanted to know why in the fuck I was being shoved in this direction.  “I’m a fucking probation officer, for fuck’s sake!”  “What the hell do I need this shit for?”  “Now I can’t eat, you assholes!”  And on.  And on.  Twenty miles of pissedoffedness and confusion.  Seriously, why was I going to something I had no real interest in.

And, I walked through the door and was promptly told to grab a seat & get comfy because we’re going to watch a video similar to the one linked.  “$250 for a goddamn video?!?  Are you shitting me?”  That was in my head and most certainly on my face because as soon as the instructor pressed stop, she said, “So, Ingrid why don’t you demonstrate for us the technique?”   Fuck me.  Now, not only am I pissed off because I think I’ve been had, I’m now on the spot.   There were three other participants in the small group. All were female and appeared to be in their late 60s or early 70s.  One of them, bless her heart, volunteered to be my guinea pig.

In modalities, there are specific steps to follow, rules that must be followed before you can do the healing thing.  You must breathe in a particular manner, visualize in a particular manner, or is it visualize and then breathe.  That’s what was going on in my head:  Do I breathe first?  Or visualize first?  Fuck.  What do I visualize again?  What’s the order of the breath?  The pressure was on.  And I’m pretty sure I was actually holding my breath when I put my hands on this lady’s shoulders.

Instantly, upon contact, what moved through me, in me, around me, from me, was liquid lightening.  It was golden white. It was white hot (without being hot, oddly enough). It was pure power and out of my mouth flew, “OH!! SHIT!!”  What occurred had no connection or correlation to breathing in a particular fashion, visualizing colors or chakras or vibrations or anything that that little book said I had to do to access or use healing energies.

I never took another class.  In one split second, I learned exactly why I was shoved toward something I had no interest in and exactly why I didn’t need more classes, certificates, crystals, chants, circles or symbols, attunements or invitations.  I just needed to use it.

For me, this is an inherent gift.  I just didn’t know it until 2010.  It’s a gift that people from all over the globe have had (and still have) and shared for eons.  This notion of ‘academic’ training for healers is a relatively new one.  It used to passed down from generation to generation selectively.  I’m one who thinks that it might be a good idea to include some of that selectivity in today’s ‘academics’ of healing.  I’ve met far too many people who’ve spent money on pretty pieces of paper who have no business being in the role of healer.  Does everyone have the capacity to be one?  I dunno. Maybe I suppose it’s similar to the notion that everybody has the capacity to become an engineer, plumber or geochemist.  We all have the grey matter and when applied along with our passions, potentially can.

I’m just fortunate enough to know my purpose and passion don’t require any more academics.  When I’m the catalyst for someone else to come into their healing gift, I don’t recommend they take a ‘healing’ class per se.  We explore where they are mentally & emotionally drawn, where their interests & passions combine, and create or find an avenue for that to open up.  For those whose gift is of hands on healing, I give them myself as a guinea pig and say,  “Get to it.”  That’s it.  No class needed.

And, to follow up with the latter part of DM’s question regarding results.  I don’t go looking for results, they just happen.  There is no mental intention to ‘cure’ or resolve any particular physical, emotional or ‘spiritual’ issue.  My sole intention is to focus on a relationship with whomever is with me, open myself all the way, and love on ’em.  That’s it.  The outcomes are just the icing on the cake.

For what it’s worth, though, here’s my ‘academic’ background.  I received a BA in Liberal Arts & Sciences from Virginia Tech.  My areas of focus were Urban Affairs and Planning, Political Communication and Sociology.  My Masters in Criminal Justice is from the University of Colorado-Denver.  My areas of expertise are in community capacity development, gang intervention & suppression, supervision of sexual offenders in the community, and the mentally ill in the criminal justice system.