Enlightenment and Porn

Seriously. I had this thought when I saw, there in the ice cream section at the local grocery store.  Sitting beside the Skinny Cow ice cream sammichs, sat Enlightenment ice cream bars.  My next thought was about porn.  In my defense, I just drove 1600 miles in a day and a half and my brain … Continue reading Enlightenment and Porn

Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast

Aaaaaahhhh...expectations...what I've called a pesky little stupid human trick that keeps coming back to bite us in the buttocks.  It's not just a mental habit, it's part of freakin' biology.  Sorta helps us figure things out, make sense of chaos.  Whether we are actually mentally seeking (or presuming to see) patterns to create stability in … Continue reading Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast