Enlightenment and Porn


I had this thought when I saw, there in the ice cream section at the local grocery store.  Sitting beside the Skinny Cow ice cream sammichs, sat Enlightenment ice cream bars.  My next thought was about porn.  In my defense, I just drove 1600 miles in a day and a half and my brain is doing it’s own thing.  This is what came from those two thoughts.

What is spiritual enlightenment?  How do you (used sorta generally here) know?

So, then, what exactly are you looking for?  In all that ashram-shopping, healer hopping, guru gawking, book buying? What are you looking for?  Seeking what?  Exactly.

Is it like porn?  Justice Stewart, in his opinion in 1964’s Jacobellis v Ohio, now infamously said of obscenity (in this case, hard-core porn):

I shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material I understand to be embraced within that shorthand description…; and perhaps I could never succeed in intelligibly doing so. But I know it when I see it

So, is ‘enlightenment’ (used loosely here), like porn?  You know it when you see it?  Do you keep looking for it until you find it?  As you get all grow’d up, wiser and shit,  does your definition of it change?   Does it look different, feel different? How do you know if you don’t know what it is?  Or do you keep looking for the same thing, whatever it might be?  Just curious.

Ever thought about not looking for anything?  Again, just curious.

Try that on for size for a bit, eh?  Just give it a go.  Seriously.

Now, since I didn’t get any of that ice cream (Skinny fucking ice cream?  Oh. Hell. No.), I’m gonna find a nap.


Guess Who’s Coming to Breakfast

Aaaaaahhhh…expectations…what I’ve called a pesky little stupid human trick that keeps coming back to bite us in the buttocks.  It’s not just a mental habit, it’s part of freakin’ biology.  Sorta helps us figure things out, make sense of chaos.  Whether we are actually mentally seeking (or presuming to see) patterns to create stability in surrounding chaos or, as according to a new study released in Nature Neuroscience,  our eyes and brain do that for us.  According to the study’s co-author, Jason Fischer, we “are seeing at the present moment is not a fresh snapshot of the world but rather an average of what you’ve seen in the past 10-15 seconds”–it’s a sort of ‘visual smoothing’, a ‘continuity field’ that “is the brain’s way of reducing the number of things we have to deal with in the visual environment…If we were sensitive to every little change, our brains probably couldn’t cope”.  So, not a stupid human trick at all, a fancy evolutionary & advantageous one.  The exercises of physical vision may not equal that of mental expectations. In my mind, though, that ‘visual continuity field’ goes far beyond navigating the world with our eyes.   To me, it’s a reflection (yes, intended!) of how we keep seeing what we want to see & looking for things to appear in the fashion we believe they should.

We expect the light of god to show up, well, in the manner we expect it to show up.  Usually, in a comfortable manner, one in which we think we know or have read about it spiritual texts, one in which we have actually wanted it to show up & made up our mind that it is going to show up (or how it’s not going to show up, in many cases).  Each one manner defined how we believe we should see that god-light.

Combine that with the notion of how we think that amorphous love-thing should show up, throw in some scrambled eggs and a hug from a stranger…well…

We forget that the clarity brought by light brings illumination of everything related to our truth–even that from which we’ve hidden.  We are often confronted with pain, the depths of which are commensurate to the years it has been buried and breadth proportionate to how we’ve used that pain as a weapon toward others.

Enlightenment–such as it may appear for each of us (if it does appear for any of us)–isn’t about the opening of the heaven’s in the romantical, clouds parting & angels singing fashion.

It’s about the opening of the heart.  Not gently but cracked hard & wide open. So that light may be shed into the places we’ve hidden aspects of ourselves, tucked pain behind, turned into weapons and shields that have not served us but harmed others.

There is, in the song Glory of Love that I first heard when I saw Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner and then again in Beaches.  The lyrics that go a little something like this:

“You’ve got to give a little, take a little,
and let your poor heart break a little.
That’s the story of, that’s the glory of love.”

That broken heart is often how love finds you or how you actually let it loose–the love you’ve walled off and shielded from.  That love-stuff in all of it’s glory.

To the person who’s heart was unexpectedly cracked like those scrambled eggs after a hug from a stranger, I say this:

I see you.  And I love you.

I feel you. And I love you.

I see your pain, your loss, your grief, your fear, your grace.

And, I love you.

You are loved immeasurably.  Without condition.

I have and forever will hold your heart in mine own.

Let yourself know mine through those who want you to feel their love.







What ifs and why fors…food for thought.

The other day I was struck with a string of questions.  They didn’t necessarily emerge from any real, in-depth thought.  Not things I’ve been ruminating on but they just came in a burst.  A rather long one but what are you gonna do?  Turn it off?  Methinks not.  So I put pen to paper and let it flow.

Here’s what came:

Why is it that some have such an issue with what I’ll call “just knowing” of the instant kind?  We eat like instant oatmeal, instant communications, quick meals, quickies (oh, c’mon now!), and what not, right? So, why the particular issue w/ this thing called enlightenment?  Is it because we’ve perceived it as something so special that it was attainable for only a few?  Is it because it’s not understood so therefore it cannot be?   Why is it, particularly in this age where instant gratification is sought, appreciated and expected does it seem so strange that one could see/know God, the Divine, the Essence, the Source, or themselves in one moment?

Why is it that this enlightenment or higher state of being is deemed inaccessible but for years of study or suffering, or so “special” that it can only be bestowed upon another by some Sri or Swami Justanothershmuckingituptananda?

Why is it that superfluous language is used to set us apart as some “thing” special–>particularly those of the persuasion that we’re not “just human”?

What if the whole point of this thing–this experience for which there really are no words really, truly is NOW?  Not just the being present in the moment but NOW as in this life. Here. Now.

What if our soul didn’t come back time after time until we ‘got it right’?

What if this is ‘just right’?  Just here, just now, this breath and this lifetime?

What if this is it?

What would that change for how you experienced life if you knew this life, this time was the ‘getting it right’?  Or, that this time, this life–this time in life was ‘just right’? Just the way it is?  That you are ‘just right’?  The way  you are?

Would it change your perception of past lives?  St. Peter? Pearly Gates? After life as you believe it now?

What if we all really are “just human”?   Ordinary, fleshy, brilliantly messed up humans with all the trimmings?   What if the Ascended Masters, Saints Galore and the hosts of Angels we call upon aren’t ‘out there’ surrounding us invisibly to be channeled by ‘special’ people really aren’t?  What if, because we are all connected, those qualities that we’ve projected upon these otherwise ordinary dead dudes (and dudettes) and imaginations really is simply within us all and ‘channeling’ Metratron (or whoever)  is nothing more special than speaking Truth?

Would that change your perception of you?  Your brilliant self?  How you do your ‘spiritual’ business?  How you see the psychic that does your readings? Your priest, padre, shaman, guru?  Your neighbor? Would you write your own book?  Would that change how you separate yourself from others?  Would that change your sense of your own simple, extra-ordinariness?

What if this ‘spiritual’ stuff that we think of as outside of us really isn’t?

What if it is us?  What if it is ‘just life’.  Regular, everyday life? What if knowing this is enlightenment, being ‘awake’ and engaged?

And, what if it is available to you instantly?  What if, in an instant, one breath, one sunrise, one ka-ping upside the head, one exhale you could really, truly experience the connection we have with all things, all people?  Conscious of the connection with what we choose to call Divine?  What if, in that instant you became Conscious and awoke to your own ridiculously fabulous, gloriously fucked up, magnificent, magical, amazing self? And knew you were ‘just right’ just the way you are?   What if realizing yourself is just that simple?

What if those of us who happen to be here and now w/ these “Gifts” really aren’t all that special?  What if we just happen to speak the same thing spoken by sages and mages since time began and more people can hear us now?   What if none  of us channel a damn thing that burbles out of our mouth?  What if, because it is Truth that we ‘just know’ and that everyone can ‘just know’, it isn’t that special?  What if that all we do is, well, do.  And, what if,  we realize that since we are all connected that we are responsible for more than just ourselves when we let things burble out of mouth?

What if you knew that in each breath, another was breathing with you?  What if, for a moment or two a day, you realized there was another heart beating in time with yours?

What if that is the message and it’s that simple?

What if the simplicity is that we can all ‘just know’ God, ourselves, and our connections to each other in a moment and that is all that it is about?  What if we can do it by just being here, in this lifetime, in this breath, now.  Being just a ridiculously extra-ordinary human.  By BE-ing.  Period.   No guru needed.

What if?