Seeing Self through the Lens of Fear

And what might happen if we tried something new I have one of those friends I've never met.  His name is Harry.  I love Harry because he can see me, because he shares his wisdom w/ a dash of humor that is sometimes peppery.  He makes me laugh *just* when I need it. His response... Continue Reading →

On Being all Grow’d up and Afraid of the Dark

Yes, there are things that go bump in the night. We've all seen the iphone commercial where father uses the on-phone flashlight to show his daughter that there is no monster under the bed. We've watched Monsters with nieces and nephews, we assuage our own children that there is nothing that can harm them on... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know Jack

I really don't know jack about some shit.  What follows, naturally, is I don't know Jack Shit. In particular, I don't know Jack about a good bit of this otherwise-called "spiritual" stuff.  Some folks expect me to because I've chosen to add  the label of "healer" & "teacher" to the alphabet string after my last... Continue Reading →

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