Afraid to feel?

Does it feel foolish to you, impossible even, that your 'feeling too much' isn't that at all? Can you, even the tiniest of moments between the fear, understand that when you truly recognize what it is you're feeling and from whence it comes, you'll know it is the highest expression of love there is? That... Continue Reading →

Principles and Visitations from the Mother

I'm reading a book called Benediction by Kent Haruf. It's one of those that I'm forcing myself to finish for reasons I can't comprehend. It's annoying. Damn-near all dialogue and not a single quotation mark. There's a scene in which a preacher pisses off his congregation by suggesting that loving thine enemy and turning the... Continue Reading →

Universal Fury

The mouth in the clouds opens into a universal scream because there is no space for a dream -ing of future, places, tense for little girls; Ripped from the bosom of the Mother then forced unto a Father whose hellfire and damnation damned the father to disconnect from all that is truly holy and created... Continue Reading →

Speak Now or Forever…

The weight of this sad time we must obey Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say. The oldest hath borne most, we that are young Shall never see so much, nor live so long. ~ King Lear Scene 5, Act 3   Oh, my love. In the midst of despair I only... Continue Reading →

Deadly Devotion

To  cry "Save our Mother" while prying open the thighs of her daughters, slashing and burning through souls...   To dance for Durga and honor the cow while murdering their  brothers in skin and sinew incensing  streets with iron-clad odor....   To dutifully bow to the East with desire to bend little boys over at... Continue Reading →

Joy Abandoned

Taken from a FB Q & A yesterday: Joy left in November and only shows her face briefly. Holding it together doesn't seem to allow for joy. How can I invite joy in to my life again and trust that it will come? Joy doesn't leave. It's not the emotion's responsibility to show itself to... Continue Reading →

On Hope and Harm

  A few days ago I posted this on the PlaceofFace: Hope, faith, justice, freedom and love do not require the disparaging of or denial another. In fact, they are the antithesis of it. Can you be in hope, have faith, share justice and freedom and love without harming another? The responses included: Hard to... Continue Reading →

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