Best Visual Description of What I Do

This is the best graphic of what my world is like!  This is how my body feels almost all the time.  Especially my head, heart and hands.

That ‘connection’ outside the ball? That’s what happens when I work with people.

Pretty cool, eh?


An UnCommon Touch remote Healing Experience

I have never met or spoken to the woman who wrote this. We’ve only exchanged life stuff like mutual encouragement via Twitter. Last week I offered my help when I sensed she was ready for it.  Here is what she had to say (outside of a potential identifier that I’ve modified).

“Dear Ingrid, Thought I’d let you know what my experience was yesterday. It started about 5 til 4. Felt as if you were asking me if I was ready. I answered ‘yes ma’am’

I first felt a tingling in my fingers which got stronger as time went on and a feeling of warmth all over. Then I felt a sensation like you describe of levitation. I looked down at me laying on the bed! I wondered what I was doing above me. Then I found myself on a carpet of purple, black and white. On my left the carpet was partially wrapped on me I thought so I could feel more secure.

I felt the sensation of movement. Then it felt like we arrived at a place of my past. A former home I lived in when I was a girl. In the back yard was an old car I always had fun playing on and even the medium size dog we had there I called C or C. You were surprised at his name and I remember we communicated about the dog’s name, a current cat I call C and that a nickname I call my girl is . You told me that it was at that time in my past that I became ‘disengaged’. You weren’t sure how but that is when. I got a vision of myself playing ‘war’ there. I used to wrap long oblong leaves around rocks and throw them like grenades. ( too much news coverage of Vietnam I think! ) You told me I didn’t need to throw those anymore. There was no longer any need. Then ‘we’ moved on on the carpet again to a place in Michigan my Dad used to take me many summers. I was surprised we were there and I asked you why. You said because it had been a place I was happy. I remember looking around, taking in the scenery and feeling more relaxed and happy in that moment. After that I just felt sensations in my body that moved from one part of me to another. I ‘came back’. I looked at the clock it was 4:48 I felt lighter, less weighed down. I can’t say what all the effects were but just the sensation of being less weighed down felt so good.

Thank you again for sharing your gift.”